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The Occhio brand stands for a whole new culture of light. With its holistic philosophy in combination with multiple award-winning design, highest lighting quality and unique 'joy of use', Occhio has achieved an absolutely unique position.

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3daysofdesign: Occhio presents the new purism in lighting design

At this year's 3daysofdesign, Occhio surprises visitors with fascinating highlights and innovations. The star of the show is the new Coro series, and in particular the Coro moon ‚spider‘ installation – a highly flexible lighting structure combining art and light, which opens up new horizons in illuminating tables, no matter what their size or shape.

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New opulence: Lunanova – the chandelier from Occhio reinterpreted

At Milan Design Week 2024, with Lunanova Occhio is presenting a chandelier for the first time – and is completely redefining the theme. The spherical appearance of the light object is an expressive statement and, together with the 'Supernova' lighting effects, an absolute eye-catcher.

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MDW24 Lunanova

From new opulence to maximum purism – Occhio surprises with unique highlights

At this year's Milan Design Week, Occhio welcomes visitors at the Occhio store on Corso Monforte with unique novelties – from new opulence to maximum purism. The star of the exhibition is Lunanova – a completely new interpretation of the chandelier.

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Occhio_store by SML_facade

The culture of light reaches Norway: Occhio and SML open Occhio store by in Oslo

The German luxury lighting brand Occhio, together with the lighting specialists SML Lighting, is opening Norway's first Occhio store by in the historic district of Skøyen. In addition to the high-quality product design of Occhio’s intelligent lighting solutions, the focus is above all on the highest quality of light and the 'joy of use' – and thus on a new culture of light. Their new showroom offers an interactive brand and product world that turns light into an experience.

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Luna sospeso

Inspired by the moon: Luna from Occhio – a world first

Luna – at first glance it may appear as sensual and mysterious as the moon, but a closer look reveals a lighting technology masterpiece. This synthesis of classical shapes, new stylish finishes, surprising lighting effects and state-of-the-art technology is unparalleled. The Luna glass luminaire series opens up completely new areas of use and is already inspiring the world of design.

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Occhio_Axel Meise_designer_founder Occhio_flagship store London_MarkCocksedge

Double première at the London Design Festival: Occhio celebrates the grand opening of its new flagship store and the launch of Luna – a world first

For the first time, the German luxury lighting brand Occhio was part of the renowned London Design Festival and celebrated the grand opening of the new, impressive flagship store in Kensington & Chelsea. The celebrations were attended by an exclusive group of over 400 well-known representatives of the press, design scene and London society. The highlight of the party was the presentation of the new, magical luminaire series Luna, which was unveiled in the UK for the first time. The complete press package is available here from 26.09.

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Occhio illuminiert Haus der Kunst

A stage made of light: Occhio illuminates the interactive work of Martino Gamper at the Haus der Kunst

The new interactive work ‘Sitzung’ of the renowned Italian designer Martino Gamper turns the central hall of Munich's Haus der Kunst into a new, constantly evolving social space of movement and encounters. Occhio applied the luminaires of the Sento sospeso series to create surprising lighting design. Thanks to the height adjustment of the luminaires, even the artist becomes the lighting designer of the installation.

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Occhio Store by ACE

The culture of light in Antwerp: ACE Lighting and Occhio launch Occhio »store by«

In May, the Munich-based design lighting company Occhio and the Antwerp-based lighting specialists opened the Occhio store by ACE Lighting. In addition to the high-quality design of Occhio’s intelligent lighting solutions, the focus is above all on the highest quality of light and the incomparable 'joy of use' – and thus on a new culture of light. Their new showroom offers an interactive brand and product world that turns light into an experience.

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3daysofdesign: with 'new horizons', Occhio presents the future of light

Following on from the immersive installation at Milan Design Week 2023, Occhio is now bringing its innovations to Copenhagen and is presenting the novelties in Scandinavia as part of '3daysofdesign'. The Occhio showroom will become a stage showcasing the vision of a new culture of light. The highlight of the installation is the new luminaire series, Luna. This masterpiece of lighting technology creates a sensual and mysterious effect with its seemingly magical light source, Fireball.

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Luna sospeso horizontal

Inspired by the moon: World novelty Luna from Occhio

At first glance, sensual and mysterious like the moon – pure beauty. At second glance, a masterpiece of lighting technology. This innovation is based on the magical light source ‘Fireball’, which seems to float like a celestial body in the shining glass sphere.

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Occhio_London flaghsip store

Occhio turns on the lights – and brings the culture of light to London with its new flagship store

Kensington & Chelsea, one of London's most elegant districts, now boast another spectacular attraction: next to the iconic Michelin House, the German luxury lighting brand Occhio has opened its new, breath-taking flagship store, the first in the UK.

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Gioia IF Logo rechts

iF Design Award 2023: Gold for Gioia

The jury of the iF Design Award awarded Gioia as 'Gold Winner' in the category 'Lighting'. This year a very special result, as from over 11,000 entries only the 75 most outstanding were selected. Axel Meise, founder and designer, accepted the prestigious award with great pride.

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Milan Design Week 2023: 'new horizons – an immersive experience', Occhio at Villa Necchi Campiglio

At Milan Design Week 2023, Occhio celebrates the future of light with 'new horizons – an immersive experience', located in the glass pavilion of the legendary Villa Necchi Campiglio.

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Occhio new horizons Luna series overview

An immersive experience at the Milan Design Week 2023: with 'new horizons', Occhio makes a clear statement as a global player

At Milan Design Week 2023, Occhio celebrates the future of light with 'new horizons – an immersive experience', located in the glass pavilion of the legendary Villa Necchi Campiglio, right in the heart of the city. Visitors can expect a unique presentation: the perfect stage to showcase Occhio's vision of a new culture of light. The European innovation leader thus makes a powerful statement in the international environment of the design metropolis and thus takes the next step on the path of constant internationalisation.

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Recessed luminaire_Mito cosmo piano clowd

A galaxy full of opportunities: Mito cosmo by Occhio

With Mito cosmo, Occhio creates a completely new category - and removes the application limits of luminaires from an innovitve point of view. So the curtain rises on a spectacular show when the rings of Mito cosmo perform their impressive choreography in various arrangements - just by touching the Occhio air app or making a magical gesture.

Spacious glow, downlight, ambient light, floating light cloud, perfect table lighting: Occhio offers all of this in one series with Mito cosmo, breaking the known boundaries of lighting design.

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Stehleuchte Gioia lettura phantom Klobudden

Gioia from Occhio – three-dimensional sculpture, new kinetic masterpiece or fascinating light machine

With its table and reading luminaire series Gioia, Occhio opens up completely new - and once again writes design history. The combination of design and innovation is as unique as the joy of moving the luminaires almost weightlessly, directing the light with simple gestures and changing it as desired - an almost magical experience. The reading luminiarie Gioia lettura is a true all-round talent: with its powerful ambience light, focused reading light and variable colour temperature, it creates any desired atmosphere - and surpasses anything that has been seen before.

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Svärdsö Case House

Perfect lighting scenes for every season: Occhio provides cosy brightness in the Svärdsö house in the archipelago

On one of the many small islands in the Stockholm archipelago stands a house that offers the perfect light situation for every season. The large windows let in a lot of sunlight from outside and connect the nature of the surroundings with the interior. In the dark Nordic winter, the various luminaires from Occhio replace the daylight. This creates an atmosphere that makes the house a cozy home at all times.

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Hausboot Berlin

Occhio lights for the feeling of freedom – longing place Berlin houseboat

The sophisticated and individual lighting systems from Occhio find the perfect solution for even the most individual situation. This is also the case for this very special place: a houseboat on the waters of Berlin.

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Occhio_Gerch Group_2

Shining light in leafy dress: Office Building Kö-Bogen II

Shining light in leafy dress: The Kö-Bogen II office building in Düsseldorf wraps its elf in fresh foliage - what inspires in rich green during the day fascinates after sunset with light by Occhio as a contrast between light and dark.

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Tischleuchte Taglio tavolo fix phantom

The new table luminaires from Occhio: Taglio – the future of light

Stunning, linear and fascinatingly flexible: Occhio presents the world premiere of the table luminaires Taglio at Milano Design Week 2022. As the form and function of the Taglio clearly show, the latest creation of Occhio marks a new chapter in the design and use of table luminaires.

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Occhio Gioia Tischleuchte Homeoffice Luxus

With Gioia equilibrio Occhio marks a new chapter in design history

Once again Occhio is making design history. With the Gioia table and reading luminaire series, the premium lighting company has opened entirely new horizons. The synthesis of design and innovation is as extraordinary as the joy moving the luminaires smoothly, directing the light with simple gestures and making the adjustments one desires – a magical experience. Occhio has named the flagship of its new Gioia luminaire series equilibrio, Italian for »balance«.

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Stehleuchte Gioia lettura phantom Klobudden

Gioia lettura – the magic of change

The new Gioia lettura by Occhio – a sculptural appearance with almost magical functions , for unique light settings. Fascinating mobility, combined with powerful uplight and downlight, asymmetrical focus light and »color tune«, intuitively controllable via gesture: With Gioia lettura, people become the lighting designers of their living space.

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Occhio Flagshipstore Shanghai 8

Occhio conquers China with new flagship store in Shanghai – a milestone in the company's dynamic growth path

In one of Shanghai's most prestigious shopping districts, the German design lighting company Occhio opened its spectacular new flagship store at the beginning of 2022. A strategically important step towards the internationalisation outside of Europe.

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Occhio Flagshipstore Berlin 7

The culture of light in Berlin: Occhio opens a spectacular flagship store on Kurfürstendamm

A brilliant opening: Occhio, the Munich-based maker of design luminaires, opened a spectacular flagship store on Kurfürstendamm in the very heart of Berlin on 17 December 2021, staking out its place as an international player in this major cosmopolitan city.

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Occhio Tohru in der Schreiberei 1

When the table transforms into a stage: Occhio sets the scene for “Tohru in der Schreiberei”

In Munich's oldest townhouse, called "Schreiberei", Tohru Nakamura and Marc Uebelherr found the ideal location for an extraordinary concept — both culinary and conceptual. In collaboration with Occhio, a harmonious staging design for light in an exciting interior-design concept was created.

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Occhio Restaurant Malo 3

Urban jungle in Stuttgart: Occhio creates the right atmosphere at the restaurant Malo

The branch located in the prime city centre of Stuttgart delights with South Pacific charm. The hip new restaurant Malo invites its guests to enjoy an excursion into the jungle – a lush plant world commingled with high-quality design that vibrantly emerges through a harmonious lighting concept from Occhio.

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Occhio Deckenleuchte Mito aura

Mito aura – the centerpiece

Iconic, sculptural, expressive – Mito aura floats in the center of the room. With its characteristic, ring-shaped uplight and powerful, glare-free downlight, it creates unique lighting moods. Mito aura complements the Mito series with the perfect luminaire for the central ceiling connection.

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Stehleuchte Mito largo lusso scuro Wohnzimmer

Edizione Lusso – Mito in its most exclusive form

Occhio world novelty: Edizione Lusso – the exclusive edition of the successful Mito series with curated materials such as finest ascot leather, precious marble and selected surfaces. Edizione Lusso is available in different style worlds across the entire Mito family and appeals to people who do not compromise on the exclusivity of interior design.

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