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Gioia Schreibtischleuchte LED modern luxus

With Gioia Occhio marks a new chapter in design history


Munich, September 2022

Is it a three-dimensional sculpture, kinetic marvel or a captivating light-making machine? Once again Occhio is making design history. With the Gioia table and reading luminaire series, the premium lighting company has opened entirely new horizons. The synthesis of design and innovation is as extraordinary as the joy moving the luminaires smoothly, directing the light with simple gestures and making the adjustments one desires – a magical experience.


Pure joy in movement

Occhio has named the flagship of its new Gioia luminaire series equilibrio, Italian for “balance”. Gioia equilibrio is a kinetic sculpture created to grace the desks of the executives of this world – or sophisticated office spaces in our homes. Its sculptural design speaks for itself: Each new position enriches a never-ending sequence of exciting forms.

The exquisite, customisable materials and signature »cut« make the distinctive luminaire head an unmistakable member of the iconic Mito series. The head of Gioia equilibrio dances on its body – fully free to move with no restriction. The entire luminaire can be rotated in every direction and freely moved upwards and downwards. The light always shines exactly where it’s needed. The head always remains horizontal.  The complex mechanism behind this intriguing dynamic remains hidden: No screws and no cables ar visible. This luminaire is a mechanical masterpiece.


Fascinating innovations for a perfect experience of light 

A simple hand movement right at the head of the luminaire is all you need to intuitively switch on or dim Gioia’s powerful light or to direct the light up or down. A gesture is all that’s required to adjust the light color – from a warm color temperature similar to an incandescent bulb to a cool, stimulating light for working. The »focus light« function lets you focus the light from Gioia on a specific area – ideal for relaxed reading or working in the evening. Thanks to the Bluetooth control feature Occhio air, you can control your luminaire by app and integrate lighting scenes into your room.

Gioia equilibrio makes a clear statement as an iconic light sculpture. Two additional models complement the Gioia series: Gioia tavolo, equipped with a one linked arm, is perfect for smaller desks and tables while the Gioia lettura offers the same compelling features as a commanding room and reading luminaire.

Gioia at a glance:

  • Gioia series models: Gioia equilibrio, Gioia tavolo, Gioia lettura
  • Designer: Axel Meise
  • Light source: high color LED (CRI95)
  • »infinite move« – free movement
  • »focus light« – function for focussed light
  • »touchless control« – touchless control
  • »color tune« for adjusting the color temperature of the light between 2700 and 4000 K
  • »up/down fading« for distributing the light between the up- and downlight and the dimming function
  • Control with Occhio air app or Occhio air controller with all models
  • Gioia models are available in all Occhio surfaces

All models can be ordered as of now on The luminaire will be available in stores October 2022.


Gioia equilibrio Schreibtischleuchte
Mito gioia equilibrio phantom black Home Office
Mito gioia phantom