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About light

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

Freedom with a system

The Occhio modular lighting system enables you to design your living space holistically through light – which can also be individually customised in line with your requirements. All of our luminaires can be adjusted and controlled individually, offering uncompromising quality and consistent design so that they can operate both independently and collectively. The path to your customised light.

Our vision: a new culture of light

Occhio's holistic concept reveals its full effect when used in a comprehensive way. The unique consistency of design, quality of light and control makes it possible to design situations, rooms and buildings in both the private and the public sectors holistically and to the highest standards with light.

Experience projects with Occhio
Außenschuss Haus Gardasee
Außenschuss Haus Mallorca Villa B
Außenschuss Haus Fels in der Brandung Passau
Außenschuss Alter Hof Projekt München
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From evolution to revolution

The Occhio story started with a quest for perfect lighting – a modular lighting system that encompasses all areas of life and is consistent in form and function. This idea evolved over time, then gained major momentum as LED technology unleashed a wealth of new potential. Nowadays, Occhio offers a holistic universe of light with a unique quality of light, timeless design and an incomparable joy of use. Immerse yourself in the illuminating world of Occhio and embrace our mission: to improve your life with our light.

How our lighting systems were created

Occhio Stehleuchte puro chrom



Puro is born from the quest for the perfect lighting and is the first holistic lighting system for residential and commercial areas.

The key idea from founder and designer Axel Meise is a modular head-body-system that is continuously developed over the last 20 years and continues to inspire more and more people.



Sento is the first lighting system with adjustable lighting effects and color temperatures. Interchangeable lenses and color filters provide fascinating effects.

The lighting system develops into a bestseller, then a perennial favourite and finally a classic.



With Divo, Occhio creates the first decorative lighting system. Thanks to the changeable, internal aluminium reflectors, the lighting effect can be changed in this case too. Divo – an object of desire!



Perfect purism: the Più luminaire series offers different solutions from spotlights. The system of ceiling, recessed, track and room spotlights enables holistic lighting design for living and office areas.



Magical mobility, individual style collections, touchless operation – the io luminaire series is the first modular LED lighting system.

This is the first time that brightness can be controlled – where the light is created, of course: the luminaires can be operated via touchless gesture control on the luminaire head.


Sento LED

Sento in halogen becomes the Sento LED system – with completely new control features.

Two LEDs provide uplighting and downlighting that can be controlled separately. With output-compensated »up/down fading«, the full luminous power is available on demand on each side. Light can be directed anywhere in the room!


lui & lei

The lui spotlight series combines lighting technology and design in a radical form: interchangeable lenses, of the kind familiar from photography, open up new lighting design possibilities for you.

The lei series surprises with sophisticated lighting technology: an adjustable iris shutter creates different lighting moods.



With Mito, a new form of ring luminaire system is introduced in 2017, featuring »color tune« and unique gesture control for the first time – a masterpiece.



The Sito luminaire series brings Occhio's quality of light and design to the outdoors. It offers a comprehensive system for holistic outdoor lighting design.


Mito largo & Mito raggio

Purism & extravagance in perfect balance: the expressive arc luminaires not only emphasise your love of exceptional aesthetics but can also be precisely adapted to your situation thanks to innovative features.


Mito aura

Iconic, sculptural, expressive – Mito aura floats in the centre of the room. With its characteristic, ring-shaped uplight and the powerful, glare-free downlight, it creates unique lighting moods – and a different atmosphere in every room.


Gioia & Taglio

Table and reading luminaires redefined through impressive mobility, innovative features and precision lighting – simply fascinating.