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About light

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

Experience light with all your senses

Light is so much more than simply bright. We feel its warmth and it creates an ambience, which affects our feelings and mood. With Occhio, light becomes an experience: ease of use is our top priority. This is why the light from all of our luminaires can be configured easily, intuitively and individually. We call this the 'joy of use'.
Pendant lamp Sento Sospeso gesture control

Intuitive gesture control for customised lighting

The feature »touchless control« enables you to control your light as if by magic. A gesture – almost a touch – is all it takes to switch your Occhio luminaire on and off. Dim the light, direct it up or down, or change its color temperature: our gesture control is completely intuitive.

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Move the light to where you need it

Occhio ensures that light is always where you need it to be. Our luminaires' magical ability to achieve this means that light is always provided wherever you direct it. Our luminaires act just like a spotlight's light cone following an actor around the stage, as you can freely move them around the room and customise the orientation of the light.

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Table lamp Gioia equilibrio
Mito sospeso move
Occhio Tischleuchte Office Lichtfarbe anpassen

Occhio air – control light the smart way

With the Bluetooth-based lighting control Occhio air, you control the light easily and intuitively – from anywhere, independently of any home automation system. Via tablet, smartphone or controller, all luminaires can be operated with a single touch. Change the ambience of your environment at the touch of a button. Handling light becomes a playful pleasure.

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Stehleuchte Mito largo bronze Read
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Mood Controller
Außenschuss Gerch Group Headquarter Occhio air plus

Occhio air plus – lighting control on a project

Occhio air plus is the innovative new expansion of the Bluetooth-based control Occhio air, featuring motion detectors and brightness sensors, lighting automation and the ability to control large networks. There is an array of possibilities: Synchronise all our luminaires with one click and allow them to communicate with each other. Automatically get the perfect light at any time of day. Or control it remotely. At the same time, Occhio air plus opens up new possibilities in DALI integration.

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Pendant lamp Mito sospeso meeting room

Elegant solutions: ingeniously connected lighting with KNX/DALI

Whether it's in a smart home or a connected office: all Occhio luminaires are compatible with modern KNX/DALI building control systems. Different solutions can be provided depending on the usage scenario – from simply switching on and off to full orchestration of the luminaires in a room via the building control system and Occhio air.

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