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Pendant lamp Mito sospeso meeting room

Occhio & KNX-DALI – solutions for building control systems

Our KNX-DALI compatibility

Whether in the office, at home or in a commercial setting: our luminaires are compatible with modern KNX-DALI building control systems. We offer three solutions for integrating Occhio luminaires into your building control system.
Mito volo air sync

Discover the fascinating world of DALI KNX and how it takes the control and comfort of your home lighting to a new level. Enjoy the new era of lighting control even further with Mito luminaires. The range of Mito luminaires offers a comprehensive selection of high quality products that can be seamlessly integrated into KNX DALI systems. This integration allows you to flexibly adjust your lighting and create different scenarios to achieve the desired atmosphere in any room.

Which luminaires of the Mito series can be integrated into DALI-KNX systems?

The Mito series offers an extensive selection of luminaires that can be easily integrated into DALI-KNX systems, so that you can operate your Occhio luminaires even more conveniently and simply. To ensure the desired functionality, certain models of the Mito series have been tested for their compatibility with selected DALI systems.

In particular, the smooth control of the color temperature has been ensured for the DALI dimmers and gateways. If you have different DALI dimmers or another DALI gateway that is not included in the list, you can still use the »color tune« function. However, please note that there may be restrictions in controlling the color temperature.

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Occhio Smart Home Lichtsteuerung DALI dual

Control via KNX as well as Occhio air or »touchless control«

The Occhio DALI air gateway enables the advanced control of all Occhio air luminaires via the KNX control system. At the same time, all lighting features can still be controlled via the Occhio air app and the Occhio air controller, as well as by gesture. Available for all Occhio luminaires with air control or air module (except io/lei lettura and tavolo, as well as io/lui basso).

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How integration into KNX-DALI systems works

A KNX system enables the uniform smart networking of a building, so that the curtains, garage door and heating, for example, can be centrally controlled. If required, our luminaires can be integrated into this building control system.

As the interface between KNX and Occhio air luminaires, gateways or KNX-DALI actuators take care of communication, enabling our luminaires to easily connect to your building technology.