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Occhio Store by ACE

The culture of light in Antwerp


Munich/Antwerp, June 2023


In May, the Munich-based design lighting company Occhio and the Antwerp-based lighting specialists opened the Occhio store by ACE Lighting. In addition to the high-quality design of Occhio’s intelligent lighting solutions, the focus is above all on the highest quality of light and the incomparable 'joy of use' – and thus on a new culture of light. Their new showroom offers an interactive brand and product world that turns light into an experience.


Together with the renowned specialist lighting retailer ACE Lighting, Occhio opened the first Occhio store in the heart of Antwerp in May. Covering 140 sqm, the redesigned spaces of ACE Lighting hold an interactive brand and experience world that introduces private customers, builders and architects alike to the product portfolio and Occhio’s unique ‘joy of use’. “Our visitors are met by a professional team of lighting planners and advisers, who take on board their personal requirements, provide competent advice and present a broad selection of application examples for residential and commercial areas”, says Tim Van Hool from ACE Lighting.


The Occhio store by ACE Lighting – the first of its kind in Antwerp – is an Occhio concept that is being implemented with a selective group of retail partners. “The Occhio store by ACE Lighting is not only a salesroom, but also a showroom for our unique luminaires”, explains Axel Meise, designer and founder of Occhio. “Alongside private clients, architects and planners have the opportunity to experience our entire portfolio of products in action and thus witness Occhio’s culture of light for themselves.”

Various lighting applications are skilfully demonstrated in warm, cosy surroundings. From sophisticated homes to office scenarios, Occhio brings its culture of light to life. Visitors are welcomed into an inviting, light-filled showroom where illuminated product displays showcase the various ranges of luminaires and spotlights, enticing visitors to learn more about them through interaction. Occhio’s luminaires have won numerous awards for their outstanding design and offer a unique quality of light with an incomparable joy of use.             


About ACE Lighting

In recent years, ACE Lighting has become the most important and only place to go for design lighting in the centre of Antwerp. ACE Lighting is a professional lighting specialist operating two other flagship stores of well-known brands from the lighting industry in addition to the Occhio store by ACE Lighting, as well as a shop with other high-quality design brands. They offer both individual lighting expertise and holistic lighting advice for private individuals and professionals.


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Occhio store by ACE Lighting
1-3 Oudaan

2000 Antwerp



Opening times:

Mon - Fri 9.00 am - 5.30 pm

Sat 10.00 am - 6.00 pm



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Occhio Store by ACE
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