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Taglio tavolo Tischleuchte

Streamlined design, maximum illumination: Occhio’s new Taglio table luminaire series


Munich, December 2022: Striking, linear and fascinatingly flexible: the new Taglio table lamp series by Occhio combines a clear design language with maximum ease of use - and opens a new chapter for the design and use of table luminaires with form and function. Tomorrow's ideas in the best light.


Streamlined design for desks

Taglio extends the successful Mito linear luminaire series by Occhio. The clear design language of the linear luminaire head is an eye-catcher. What’s more, the Taglio’s exceptional agility allows users absolute flexibility when working or reading: the 360-degree rotatable head focusses light precisely where it is needed.

Taglio is available in two versions - Taglio tavolo and Taglio tavolo fix. Thanks to the adjustability of the arm, Taglio tavolo can be positioned as desired and thus resembles a sculpture that constantly changes its shape. Taglio - a reduced design statement, especially due to the noble, selectable materials and colours.


Focusing on the essentials

Taglio is the ideal luminaire for illuminating the ideas of tomorrow. A simple gesture is all it takes to control it: a single hand motion at the luminaire’s head switches the light on or off, dims it or shifts it seamlessly between up- and downlight. The light colour is likewise gesture-driven for immediate adjustment to the user’s needs – cool, stimulating light for work requiring intense concentration, a warm glow in the evening, indirect light that enlivens the room or direct, focussed light when required. As an option, the Taglio can be controlled by »Occhio air«.

The sculptural Taglio is space-efficient in both work and leisure settings as well as in hospitality areas, whether on a desk, reception counter, sideboard or console table in the foyer.


Taglio at a glance:

  • Taglio models: Taglio tavolo, Taglio tavolo fix
  • Designer: Axel Meise
  • Light source: high colour LED (CRI95)
  • »Up/down fading« to shift the light between the up- and downlight; dimming function
  • »colour tune« for adjusting the colour temperature of the light between 2700 and 4000 K
  • »touchless control«
  • Height adjustable between 33 cm and 72 cm (Taglio tavolo)
  • Control via Occhio air as an option
  • All Taglio models are available in all Occhio surfaces
  • Recommended retail price: starting at € 1.278.00


All models are now available online and in stores.


Mito taglio tavolo
Mito taglio tavolo phantom
 Table luminaire Gioia taglio phantom office A-Level Starnberg