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Occhio illuminiert Haus der Kunst

A stage made of light: Martino Gamper at the Haus der Kunst


Munich, July 2023


The new interactive work ‘Sitzung’ of the renowned Italian designer Martino Gamper turns the central hall of Munich´s Haus der Kunst into a new, constantly evolving social space of movement and encounters. Occhio applied the luminaires of the Sento sospeso series to create surprising lighting design. Thanks to the height adjustment of the luminaires, even the artist becomes the lighting designer of the installation.


The interactive exhibition 'Sitzung' (‘meeting’ or ‘sitting’) presents 100 chairs – all of which have been reconfigured by the Italian designer Martino Gamper. Visitors experience a constantly changing scene, as Gamper invites everyone to reposition the chairs themselves in order to gather, rest and play. A network of Occhio luminaires – 108 Sento sospeso in matt gold, to be precise – showcases this installation on a stage made of light. The height-adjustable suspended luminaires were made with a special length for the Haus der Kunst and can be flexibly adjusted to hang between 5 meters and 3.5 meters above the ground.


The passages down the sides of the room are lit by Occhio’s Più alto R 3d track spotlights in matt white. This is the first time in a while that the lighting system in the Haus der Kunst has been changed, and luminaires from Occhio in the museum’s central hall now create a symbiosis between the exhibition and the lighting design. Thanks to the flexible Sento sospeso suspended luminaires, a dialogue emerges between the light and the exhibit. The network of suspended luminaires gives the space an extra touch of exclusivity, producing dramatic lighting that is simultaneously differentiated and expansive, depending on the suspension length of the individual luminaires. As each luminaire can be individually controlled and independently adjusted via Occhio air, the lighting becomes an ad-hoc, interactive installation that continues to evolve, all thanks to the Bluetooth control. In contrast, the classic spotlights give the passages a more formal feel.


Both the spotlights in the ceiling of the passages and the suspended luminaires in the central hall emit light with a colour temperature of 3000 kelvins. The light changes constantly with the time of day and season and forms a carpet with seamless transitions between natural and artificial light.


“With the newly designed chairs, the central hall transforms into a vibrant, constantly changing social space. The lighting from Occhio transforms the ambience of the central hall, enticing people to gather there”, says Martino Gamper. “This lighting concept may surprise visitors: the Sento sospeso suspended luminaire catches the eye because it's not a typical museum luminaire. But its light gives the exhibits their own individual stage, allows the creation of an emotional connection – without being formal. It can be used playfully and represents the courage involved in entering a new era.”


“The artist, Martino Gamper, visited us at the Occhio Store in London, where he lives, and immediately fell in love with our luminaires. That's how the idea of a collaboration was born – and we're delighted to now actually be part of this wonderful installation with our culture of light and to make the installation an emotional experience through the light from Occhio”, says Susann Meise, Co-CEO of Occhio, on the collaboration.


About the Sento sospeso suspended luminaire:

The essence of lighting comfort and ease of use. Sento sospeso offers a sophisticated solution for every situation. It always remains level and floats at whatever height you prefer, thereby creating a relaxing lighting effect with sensitivity.


About the Più alto spotlight:

This luminaire has the power to have a big impact. Its high-quality light brings out colour nuances and material textures that you wouldn't otherwise see. Più alto opens up spaces. But it can also use light to create targeted accents that draw more attention to certain aspects of your surroundings. Più alto 3d provides even more dynamism. An additional joint arm adds more character and allows the light to be moved to wherever you need it.



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