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3daysofdesign: Occhio presents the future of light


Copenhagen, June 2023


Following on from the immersive installation at Milan Design Week 2023, Occhio is now bringing its innovations to Copenhagen and is presenting the novelties in Scandinavia as part of '3daysofdesign'. The Occhio showroom will become a stage showcasing the vision of a new culture of light. The highlight of the installation is the new luminaire series, Luna. This masterpiece of lighting technology creates a sensual and mysterious effect with its seemingly magical light source, Fireball.


'new horizons' encapsulates the company's extensive determination for innovation and represents the new, the unknown. Occhio views the ambition to innovate, the quest for something new, not as a goal to accomplish but rather as a purpose and part of the company’s DNA. 'For me, light is pure emotion. With 'new horizons', we have created an experience that is dedicated to precisely this feeling. An installation in which people can experience the deep emotions that light evokes', says Axel Meise, Occhio founder and designer.


Inspired by the moon: Luna – a world first

The highlight of the exhibition in Copenhagen is Luna, the new, one-of-a-kind luminaire series that Occhio presented to the public for the first time in Milan. At first glance, sensual and mysterious like the moon – pure beauty. At second glance, a masterpiece of lighting technology. This innovation is possible thanks to the magical light source‚ Fireball, which appears to float like a celestial body in the shining glass sphere.

With Luna, Occhio has succeeded in combining a classic design with fascinating finishes and innovative lighting technology in a comprehensive series of wall, ceiling, table and suspended luminaires. Each of these luminaires is a small masterpiece in its own right and has its own unique character.


Innovation: Fireball technology - magic light effect

Luna is the first series to feature Occhio´s own patented light source ‘Fireball’. The ‘Fireball’ inside the mirrored glass sphere creates a soft, glare-free yet directed light with a magical effect. When switched on, ‘Fireball’ resembles a moon and seems to float in the luminaire.


Synthesis: classic shapes, stylish surfaces

A luster poured over the glass of the sphere creates an elegant sheen and gives Luna a distinctive presence in the interior. Luna is available with a mirrored head or base, in three different sizes, depending on the version. The two finishes »dark chrome« and »phantom« perfectly match current interior design trends.


As always, Occhio focuses on people and their quality of life - with Luna the Occhio typical ‘joy of use’ is guaranteed: Simple gestures or the Occhio air app can be used not only to dim the light or switch it on and off, but also to change its color temperature. From an inviting warm light to a stimulating cool light, the user can create countless different lighting moods.



For the lighting season in autumn 2023, the Luna series will be available at selected lighting specialists and interior retailers.



Occhio Showroom Kopenhagen

Palaegade 4

1261 Copenhagen


Opening hours:

Wednesday, 7th June | 10:00 – 18:00

Thursday, 8th June | 10:00 – 20:00

Friday, 9th June | 10:00 – 18:00



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