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Light in the living room

An expression of your personality

Relaxing, cheering up and coming together – the living room is normally our oasis of cosiness. Since everyone's interpretation of happiness differs, lighting that adapts perfectly to your needs is especially important.

Let your living room be a platform for your personality

Relax in warm light, welcome friends in a pleasant ambience, watch a film in indirect lighting or enjoy a good book in the glow of a reading luminaire: lighting in the living room should adapt to every occasion. And it should be changeable too.

With lighting from Occhio and the unique features of our luminaires, you can really express your mood. Create the ambience you need by changing the color temperature, or by dimming or fading the light. With a simple hand movement, or without getting up at all with Occhio air.

Create accents with lighting

By specifically illuminating individual pieces of furniture or areas in your space, you can consciously draw attention to certain areas of your surroundings. Choose your favourite pieces of furniture such as a sideboard, the art on the wall, or your favourite places such as a cosy armchair.

Bring your personal highlights to the foreground.

Indirect lighting with spotlights

Indirect lighting is created by reflecting direct light back into the room off walls or ceilings. It creates a pleasant level of background lighting. At the same time, the features of the room and its architecture are accentuated and made visible.

This creates soft, subtle background lighting that extends like a gentle wave of light into adjacent rooms.