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Sento Tavolo Mallorca Home Office

Home becomes office

Focus. Light.

Today we know that having the right environment makes a huge difference to our motivation: we tend to be most productive at home. And this is where light comes into play. Deployed properly, it stimulates and excites our senses. If it can help you jump from living to working mode in a flash, it is likely to soon become a home-office must-have! Find inspiration in our lighting tips for your home office.
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Mito linear X Series Header
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The office as a luxury

Your own office space – a true luxury for those who love working from home. The space specially designed for you to concentrate also requires focused lighting with the highest quality of light for the best visual conditions. A powerful and adjustable floor luminaire with intuitive control features goes very well with a desk. Ideally, desk and luminaire should be placed together in a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing arrangement that's not too technical and blends in harmoniously with the interior of your home.

Occhio Mito terra 3d Office

Mito Terra – the icon

Mito terra 3d, for example, is a true icon that combines form and function in harmony. Its high-quality design and elegant materials help it elevate any interior, and make it intuitive to use at the same time. The light can be playfully and easily controlled directly from the luminaire head or body, and the colour temperature can be adapted to the time of day – from cooler, stimulating light during the day to warmer light for cosy evenings. The three-dimensional body makes it possible to optimally orient the luminaire head so it can evenly illuminate the desktop with the highest quality of light.

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