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Lighting in the living room

The ease of radiance

Designing a room with light means bringing it to life. Only lighting makes your living room a central place of life – a place to relax, enjoy, and get together with friends and family.

Let your vision of perfect light become reality – with a lighting concept that is tailored to your needs and can be continuously customised.
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Stehleuchte Mito raggio phantom Wohnzimmer
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What does good living room lighting do?

Light is life. Consequently, light is an essential component of a space in which we want to spend time and engage in activities that bring us joy. Many of our customers ask us how to light their living room properly. At Occhio, the answer is a mind game: How would you like to experience your living area?

Personal consultation for your living room

With lighting from Occhio, you create living room lighting that perfectly matches every occasion. The unique features of our luminaires express the mood you desire at the moment.
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How does the right lighting in the living room support our well-being?

To achieve exactly the lighting atmosphere you desire after a long workday or for a meal with friends, ideal living room lighting consists of different types of luminaires:

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Indirect ambient lighting with spotlights

Indirect lighting is created by reflecting direct light back into the room off walls or ceilings. It creates a pleasant level of background lighting. At the same time, the features of the room and its architecture are accentuated and made visible.

This creates soft, subtle background lighting that extends like a gentle wave of light into adjacent rooms.

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Create accents with lighting

By specifically illuminating individual pieces of furniture or areas in your space, you can consciously draw attention to certain areas of your surroundings. Choose your favourite pieces of furniture such as a sideboard, the art on the wall, or your favourite places such as a cosy armchair.

Highlight your personal favourites.

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Creating zones

There is always something happening in the living room – watching a good movie, relaxing, or celebrating with the family. With thoughtful lighting design, you can create thematic divisions within the room without affecting its structure.

A pendant luminaire above the dining table, for example, not only ensures the perfect staging of the meal. It also acts as elegant zone lighting and separates this area visually.

Our expert tip

Individual luminaires with wide upward and downward beams, such as Mito largo, are ideal for separating large spaces. Their light can be easily directed via gesture control.

Control your lighting in the living room

»touchless control« makes it possible: switch and dim your light or change its direction and height – without having to move away from your favourite spot. A simple gesture allows you to take full advantage of all control options.

»color tune«

Change the light color via gesture control, Occhio air, or preset on the set box – from warm light tones with 2.700 Kelvin to concentration – enhancing light for your home office with 4.000 Kelvin.

What light color and light temperature for the living room?

With Occhio there is no either-or. The choice between cool and warm light in the living room is also obsolete. Enjoy the freedom you acquire with our luminaires and create your own personal lighting scenarios. We call it 'joy of use': every moment can be different. Occhio combines design and function to create a new lighting atmosphere and a new spatial feeling in the blink of an eye.

Learn more about »color tune«

»up/down fading«

Continuous light control both downwards and upwards. Occhio luminaires with light distribution on both sides support separate control of uplight and downlight.

Learn more about »up/down fading«

Which luminaire for the living room?

Get to know the various living room luminaires to implement your individual lighting concept. With Occhio you rely on the highest quality of light. The light sources used in our luminaires are LEDs, which come remarkably close to the optimum of daylight.
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Whether for reading or relaxing – floor luminaires from Occhio are available as arched luminaires or reading luminaires. They combine contoured, glare-free light downwards and diffused light upwards. Adjustable light effects thanks to interchangeable optical components and Bluetooth control via app.

To our floor luminaires
Use the highest quality light in your living area and combine it with indirect light sources as well as brilliant spotlights.
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Warmth and cosiness with dark concrete

Puristic furnishings, monochromatic color scheme: nevertheless, the living room of a concrete house looks inviting and cosy. The soft light of Mito raggio illuminates the raw material harmoniously, artfully enhancing texture and warm color components.

"We see here a good example of a luminaire suitable for a modest living room. Mito raggio acts as a design body that creates independent light stages within a space."

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Light when the sun takes a break

What should be considered when lighting dark living rooms? For this, let's take a look at Stockholm, where artificial light replaces the sun for many weeks in winter and serves as the only source of light. In addition to light islands that atmospherically illuminate a reading chair, for instance, wall lighting and ceiling spots are also essential to create warmth and cosiness.

"Sento verticale with its characteristic light cones creates lively light patterns that add a natural atmosphere to a room."

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Harmonious contrasts

Light as a structuring element: the clear mix of materials in the living room corresponds with the warm light of Mito largo, while in the adjacent atrium Più alto spotlights provide vibrant accents.

"Depending on which luminaire is above the couch table, contrasts can be created or softened. In this case, the arc luminaire chosen by us ensured that the dominant austerity in the living area was transformed into a harmonious, flowing linearity."