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Bogenleuchte Mito largo bronze color tune

A color temperature for every atmosphere

The beauty of choice

Light influences our mood – and with Occhio, it adapts individually to your wishes. Color temperature plays an important role in this. From a stimulating cool white at 4000 kelvins to a relaxing warm white at 2700 kelvins, »color tune« enables you to decide which color temperature you need in which moment. Use presets, Occhio air or a simply hand movement to adjust it continuously according to the situation.
Occhio Tischleuchte Office Lichtfarbe anpassen

How the color temperature is adjusted

Even just one movement of the hand works magic on our luminaires. With a small gesture, you can set the color temperature of your choice. Use a double gesture to activate the sensors on the luminaire head: make your hand into the shape of a "C" or use both hands to adjust the color temperature. To fine-tune or reverse your adjustment, briefly move your hands away and then move them back towards the luminaire with a double gesture. In addition to gesture control, you can also adapt the color temperature using Occhio air. This Bluetooth-based lighting control allows you to adjust the color temperature to the situation both via the Occhio air app and via the Occhio air controller.

Always shine the right light on life

The feel-good atmosphere in your own personal living space is as individual as the daylight in different places at different times. Our Mito, Mito linear, Gioia and Taglio luminaire series enable you to customise the color temperature and create the perfect ambience. The right lighting ambience not only brings harmony to your day, but it also enhances your rooms.

Thanks to »color tune«, you can start the day with a clear, feel-good light at 3000 kelvins. A cooler light at 4000 kelvins creates a stimulating and productive atmosphere for the working day, while in the evening, warm tones at 2700 kelvins turn your living room into a calming retreat where you can bring the day to a close in total relaxation.

Pendant lamp Mito Sospeso Dining
Warm feel-good light at 2700 kelvins
Pendant lamp Mito Sospeso Work
Stimulating work light at 4000 kelvins

LED technology of the highest standard

Inside Occhio luminaires, warm-white and cool-white LEDs are arranged in an alternating sequence. The corrugated structure of the optics in Mito and Mito linear means that the individual warm-white and cool-white LEDs cannot be perceived. To enable you to continuously adjust the color temperature to your preferred setting, the color temperatures mix thanks to intelligent electronics to create a homogeneous, glare-free light. The resulting effect is entirely in harmony with your wishes and requirements.

Mito linear color tune LED Innenleben