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About light

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

The magic of form

Minimalist elegance, holistic thinking and a passion for innovation – Occhio design follows the principle of 'form follows function'. Speaking the timeless language of design, our luminaires enhance their surroundings, becoming key interior fixtures. This is because our top priority is to bring the very highest quality of light and design into your living environment.

With passion, care and good sense

A timeless aesthetic and luxurious quality down to the finest detail – Occhio celebrates the principle of 'form follows function'. Our design philosophy: to approach function and form from inside to outside. Combining technical innovation, intricate design and premium-quality materials, we design each individual element of our luminaires with passion, care and good sense.

We are driven by our curiosity and the constant desire to improve our luminaires: the aesthetic appeal of the external form, the appearance and feel of the finishes, the attention to detail in the design and the ease of use. A symbiosis that makes quality an experience.

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A life of harmony

Our surface options are available across all series. Compose your customised luminaires into a lighting system that meets your needs. Occhio luminaires integrate harmoniously into your home and allow you to benefit from the fourth dimension of architecture: the ideal light for your living space.

Sensuality taken to a new level

The quality of Occhio's distinctive surface is made tangible by the luxurious feel. Design and quality can therefore be experienced with the senses. When designing your luminaires, choose surfaces that perfectly harmonise with your needs and surroundings.

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Our design philosophy

At Occhio we take an in-depth approach to design. Every detail of our luminaires has meaning and adds value for the user. However, our design philosophy has one overriding aim: to enrich your living space with the best possible quality of light and design. "We bring the culture of light to the people. Our light is not meant to illuminate a room, but to make a living space shine," says Axel Meise, founder and chief designer of Occhio.

To achieve this goal, we pursue our passion for innovations. This is because state-of-the-art technologies continually create new freedoms for the design of our luminaires. This is why Occhio design is timelessly modern, unmistakably iconic and driven by innovation.

More about Occhio founder & chief designer Axel Meise
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Holistic design

At Occhio, we take a holistic approach to design and our luminaire series is evidence of this: individually or as part of a connected system, Occhio luminaires unlock the power of light in your home. From floor to ceiling, the floor, table and suspended luminaires in our series can be combined seamlessly due to their consistent design, which blends puristic elegance with attention to detail.

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