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About light

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

Quality of light means quality of life

Thanks to the most advanced LED technology, Occhio luminaires not only make colors appear as radiant as they do in nature, but they also provide the best lighting at the workplace or in your own home. We take our inspiration from natural sunlight and the many different lighting moods it can create.
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Occhio Lichtqualität

Feel-good light through the latest technology

When it comes to good light, we at Occhio have only one benchmark: the sun. It inspires us on our quest for perfection: optimum efficiency, the very best quality of light, and customisable control. For a consistent lighting pattern that turns an illuminated space into a place of well-being. Our key to this lies in a revolutionary stage of development in LED technology.

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So close to sunlight

The sun is the source of life. 
Its light the origin of creation and culture. 
Whether in the morning, at midday or during a long summer's evening: natural light reigns supreme. 
It makes colors radiant and brings structures to life. Our aim is to replicate this light as closely as possible. With a CRI of more than 95, we come exceptionally close to our ideal. The result is a superb color rendering and clear perception.

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Light is a very personal matter for us

The demands placed on a new lighting environment are just as individual as people themselves and just as personal the furnishings in our homes. Occhio lets you customise luminaires – and rooms – as you see fit. With Occhio luminaires, various lenses and inserts don't just enable you to choose between different lighting effects but also to easily readjust these effects over and over again. Abundant options are available to give you the greatest degree of freedom in designing and highlighting your living space with light.

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Each mood has its own light

The best possible lighting depends on the mood, situation, time of day and occasion. For every moment, there is perfect lighting – and a perfect color temperature. With »color tune«, you always have the choice. The result ranges from a stimulating cool light for focused working to warm tones for relaxing evenings at home.

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Occhio Lichtwirkung anpassen

Light wherever you need it

Occhio luminaires offer many different ways of lighting a room. One unique feature is »up/down fading«. A single gesture is all that's needed to draw the light of luminaires with a double-sided light output continuously upwards or downwards. When you hold your hand near the luminaire's sensors, you draw the brightness of the light almost magnetically towards you, moving it to the side your hand is on. Change the entire lighting ambience with just a single luminaire – from bright, direct light for clear visibility to warm uplighting for a cosy ambience.

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Light and dark in perfect harmony

Light influences our mood. Consequently, the unique quality of light from Occhio does not simply provide one form of flawless illumination, but rather ensures the perfect lighting for every situation. The dimming feature allows you to adjust our luminaires to the different stages of daylight and darkness throughout the day. Full power for clear visibility or dimmed light for intimacy and a feel-good ambience. The LEDs used in our luminaires ensure a constant luminous power as well as a consistent quality of light.

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Glare-free lighting – meticulous perfection

With the perfect interplay of luminaire design and a modular lighting system, we at Occhio make sure that the light from our luminaires never dazzles you. Sophisticated optics, lenses and inserts prevent glare and ensure that your home is pleasantly illuminated. In office spaces, the glare-free lighting requirements are met with ease.

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