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The art of dimming

Our range from bright to dim

There's a perfect light for every time of day. And the perfect light for every level of cosiness. Together, they form the basis for the perfect lighting ambience for every situation. This lighting ambience can be achieved quickly and easily with our luminaires. The full range of light is available, from bright to dim. For clear visibility, set the luminaire to the brightest setting, or dim the lighting for a calming, feel-good ambience.

See how easy it is to dim your luminaire

To allow you to enjoy various rooms and moments to the fullest and in optimum lighting comfort, all of our luminaire series can be continuously dimmed. You can adjust the brightness via Occhio air or intuitively using gesture control. While the luminaires can be switched on and off with a quick hand movement, holding your hand close to the light source makes the light dimmer and brighter. To brighten or dim the light again, take your hand away briefly and then hold it close to the luminaire again.

Which dimmers are compatible with Occhio LED luminaires?

To use the dimming function of the Occhio LED luminaires alternatively, you have various control and integration options available – such as a dimmer. The correct integration of the suitable dimmer is particularly important here. Through professional installation of the appropriate components, you can unleash the full potential of your Occhio luminaire and create an individual lighting atmosphere for your space.

In the following document you will find a complete list of dimmers that are compatible with Occhio luminaires.

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Which Occhio luminaires can be dimmed?

As we use high-quality LEDs in our luminaire series, almost all of our luminaires' standard models are able to continuously transition from bright to dim. Their luminous intensity can be adapted quickly and easily – with Occhio air or, in the case of luminaires from the Mito, Mito linear, Gioia, Taglio, Sento and io series – also with »touchless control«.

The great thing about this is that as well as being dimmable, the especially high-quality LEDs used in our luminaires ensure a constant luminous power and a consistent quality of light at every stage of dimming.