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As brilliant as sunlight

Life in light and color

No colors without light. In nature, the sun sets the benchmark. In sunlight, colors are radiant, subtle nuances are visible and structures come to life. This is because the spectrum of sunlight contains every color that the human eye can perceive. If one of these colors is not included in a light source, we cannot see it – our aim is to get as close to sunlight as possible.
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The quality of our CRI

When choosing our LEDs, we endeavoured to achieve a spectrum of light for our luminaires that approximated that of sunlight. This enables the best possible color rendering – and a perception like in nature, which enhances well-being. Because most of the information we receive from our senses comes from our eyes.

We subconsciously decide whether an object or our surroundings look natural or not. If colors are lacking, this becomes a disruptive factor.
 The extent to which we achieve our aim can be accurately measured. Its unit of measurement: the color rendering index, or CRI. Occhio luminaires have a CRI of 95 or 97 and are therefore close to the sun's CRI of 100.

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Color rendering index: what does CRI stand for?

CRI stands for color rendering index. It indicates how much of the color spectrum visible to the human eye a light source can show. This is because what we see of the room around us and the colors we perceive are nothing other than the light reflected by an object. So whether our surroundings can be presented in the best light depends literally on the quality of light. If it is not optimal, our perception is distorted. What determines the quality of light is the comprehensiveness of the visible spectrum. The unit of measurement for this is the CRI.

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The sun as the benchmark: what the CRI expresses

The CRI value provides information on how good the color rendering of a light source is. It is measured in Ra. The sun provides the benchmark and has a CRI of 100, which means that sunlight contains the complete visible spectrum and therefore all colors perceptible to the human eye. The color rendering is therefore perfect. Our eye can perceive fine structures and slight differences in color perfectly.

Close to perfect lighting

Luminaires with a high CRI ensure the best possible color rendering and allow us to perceive our surroundings as in daylight. Skin tones appear natural. Colors appear as nuanced and deep as in nature. The LEDs from Occhio have a CRI of 95 or even a CRI of 97, depending on the series, and thus come very close to the benchmark of the sun.