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Sento verticale Wandleuchte modern

Adapt the light individually with »choose your light«

When a lighting effect becomes an experience

Highlight an item with a perfectly drawn light cone or accentuate an object – the lighting effect can be selected in many ways with Occhio thanks to various inserts and lenses (including zoom lenses). The light is adjusted and directed individually, based on a room's use, arrangement and ambience. It takes on different shapes, intensities and color temperatures. And your lighting decision doesn't have to be final: thanks to an innovative modular system, the luminaires can be readjusted again and again.
Sento letto Wandleuchte Schlafzimmer

What lighting effect shall it be today?

How do you use the room and what ambience would you like it to have? What should the main focal point be? Which areas and objects do you want to accentuate? Wide-area lighting won't create any contrast in the room – everything is somewhat highlighted, so nothing stands out. Occhio is different: with our luminaires, we consciously create design, attract the eye and direct the gaze. A work of art on the wall or a piece of furniture highlighted by light draws more attention to certain aspects of the room and lends it character.

Leseleuchte_Sento letturra_SchwarzMatt

Variable light for every room and every mood

Much like curating furniture for your home, the size and look of the light cone can be customised with Occhio. Our lenses enable beam angles ranging from 40° to 80°. The lighting effect with Sento verticale can therefore be adjusted to the situation.

Wandleuchte Sento verticale Lichtwirkung Sento E
Wandleuchte Sento verticale Lichtwirkung Sento D

A personal choice: light that's sometimes soft, sometimes cold

Aside from adjusting the size of the light cone, Occhio also lets you alter the edges where light meets shadow. Do you prefer soft or contoured? Our soft edge glass and satinised glass are placed behind the lens to determine the softness of the light.

In general, the softer the light, the gentler the lighting effect will be and the more light the luminaire will create. The starker the light and shadows, the more noticeable the light contours will be.

Stehleuchte Sento terra chrom Lichtwirkung 2
Stehleuchte Sento terra chrom Lichtwirkung 1
Occhio Wandleuchte Lichtwirkung

Occhio in color: colored lighting effects

Yellow, green, blue, red or maybe magenta? Color filters are an integral part of our history of innovation. The modular system for colored light was developed early on. Today, it is an iconic feature of the Occhio brand and provides real enrichment for interior design. The lighting effect emits two colors in different directions, with the analogous color – the color that is next to the primary color on the color wheel – becoming visible at the edge of the light cone. For example, blue frames the color yellow, while yellow outlines red.