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Occhio Lichtwirkung anpassen

Direct light to anywhere in the room

From up to down and back again

It may be a single movement, but it works like magic: on luminaires with a double-sided light output, »up/down fading« enables you to continuously draw the brightness of the light from one side of the luminaire to the other. Luminaires in the Mito, Mito linear, Gioia, Taglio and Sento series are equipped with separate LEDs on two sides and infrared sensors to enable them to quickly change from uplighting to downlighting, completely transforming the atmosphere of the room. This unique feature can also be used through Occhio air.

One luminaire for uplighting and downlighting – endless possibilities for your room

The feature »up/down fading« allows you to change the ambience of a room whenever you like. The distribution of light can fill the entire room evenly or illuminate just a specific area with clear light.

Wandleuchte Sento verticale rose gold Lichtverteilung 80-20
Wandleuchte Sento verticale rose gold Lichtverteilung 20-80
Occhio Lichtwirkung anpassen

How to distribute the light in a room

A single gesture is all that is needed to continuously fade the light up or down. In this way, Occhio makes distributing light a sensory experience. By switching between uplighting and downlighting, you can easily create a completely new ambience. To draw the light from one side to the other, hold your hand near the sensor on the side to which you want to bring the light. As well as gesture control, the »up/down fading« feature also works with Occhio air, making it ideal for ceiling luminaires such as Mito aura, which are hard to reach with a hand.