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Occhio Lichtqualität

The Occhio revolution

Next-level LED

When developing our LED lighting, we look to sunlight for our inspiration. This is how we remain true to our quality standards. And this is an essential part of enabling the creation of perfect, individual light, always and everywhere. It's also why we have taken the development of electronics into our own hands and have gradually established our own LED architecture that spans all systems. We pay special attention to ensuring that the quality of light and the color temperature are consistent across all systems and models.
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The advantages of LED technology

The major known advantages of LED technology include energy efficiency and longevity. Our Occhio LEDs have also enabled us to develop luminaires and features that would not have been possible with other lighting technologies such as halogen. When we introduced the io series around ten years ago, it was the prototype for a modular LED luminaire system with gesture control. The Sento series introduced the concept of »up/down fading«, with uniform brightness and quality throughout.

And with the Mito series we created »color tune«, the continuous adjustment of color temperature. All of these groundbreaking steps were made possible by LED technology and underline our promise: a new culture of light through a new approach to light.

Occhio VOLT light engine

Sento letto Wandleuchte Gestensteuerung

A gesture is all it takes – and the light responds

LED light consists of a multitude of light-emitting diodes – semi-conductor components that convert electrical energy directly into light. This allows more precision and flexibility in terms of control while maintaining the perfect quality of light. Previously, in luminaires with a double-sided light output, the light sources could not be controlled independently. LED has changed that – and thus opened up completely new possibilities for lighting design.

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LED technology of the highest standard

LEDs enabled us to create a color temperature spectrum from 2700 to 4000 kelvins. This allows you to flexibly adapt your light to your mood – from a warm lighting ambience for relaxing evenings to stimulating cool light for work. The Mito series made it possible for the first time to continuously control the color temperature by gesture or Occhio air.

The feature »color tune« uses warm-white and cool-white LEDs that are arranged alternately in the luminaire. Our intelligent electronics mix the warm white and cool white in such a way that the desired color temperature is created. The individual LEDs are not perceptible from the outside; the light is uniform and glare free.

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As luminous as in daylight: perfect colors and quality of light

In our light, colors shine as brilliantly as in the light of the sun. This quality of light that people perceive is measurable: the unit of measurement for this is known as the color rendering index, or CRI for short. With a CRI of 100, natural sunlight is the only benchmark that we use. Our LED luminaires come astonishingly close to this with a CRI of 95 and 97. They thus ensure the best possible color rendering. Colors have as much nuance and depth as they do in nature.

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Mito linear color tune LED Innenleben

VOLT light engine – high-tech made simple

Occhio VOLT makes working with revolutionary LED light as easy as in the days of the light bulb. You no longer need to think about the technical requirements for mounting a luminaire – and we don't need to compromise on design.

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Occhio fireball – The revolutionary light source

The Occhio fireball floats like a celestial body in the center of the Luna glass sphere. It produces soft, directed light – powerful and glare–free at the same time. Thanks to the innovative Occhio fireball Technology, light can be experienced in its highest quality and versatility. The »high color« LED offers an output of 9 watts. You can adjust the light color and intensity at any time via the Occhio air App or the Occhio controller. For a perfect atmosphere.

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Sustainability for your design classics

clipLED is a specially developed module that allows you to convert your Occhio halogen luminaires to LED. With a life time of up to 25,000 hours, LED lasts longer than any other light source. In addition, all components of the clipLED module are plugged in and screwed on – meaning that they can be replaced individually. Long-lasting and sustainable technology for your timeless luminaires. The modules are available for luminaires in the Sento, Più and Puro series.

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Superlative quality of light

With their LEDS, the Mito, Mito linear, Gioia and Taglio series of luminaires offer superb efficiency with the best quality of light, a CRI of 95 and a continuously adjustable color temperature. Depending on the situation and room, warm or cool color temperatures between 2700 and 4000 kelvins can be preset or freely selected via gesture control and Occhio air.

Sento, Più, io, lui, lei and Sito LEDs also offer the highest quality of light with CRI 97. The color temperature can be selected depending on the situation and spatial requirements with a fixed color temperature of 2700, 3000 or 4000 kelvins. Perfect for both residential and commercial areas.