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VOLT light engine

Plug & play

Occhio VOLT makes working with light as easy as in the days of the light bulb. No technical hurdles and no transformer either. Thanks to the integrated power supply, Occhio VOLT technology allows our LED luminaires to connect directly to the mains voltage and still remain effortlessly dimmable. What's more, it remains true to our minimalist design principles and paves the way for a wealth of radical new design options.
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Innovative LED technology

Occhio VOLT makes it possible to connect LED to a 230-volt supply. By uniting power supply technology and LEDs in a single box, VOLT allows you to plug our LED luminaires directly and easily into the mains supply – no transformer is needed. As a result, installation is just as easy as with light bulbs and halogen. During the development of the VOLT light engine, we made quality of light our top priority. At CRI 95 and 97, the color rendering meets our high quality standards, for which sunlight is our benchmark. The color rendering and temperature are harmonised with all the other Occhio LED luminaires – this makes us unique on the market.

Highest LED quality without design compromises

The compact confines of the VOLT light engine contain all of the technology which used to be externally installed. By also eliminating the need for the wiring of a power supply unit, we've created groundbreaking technology and opened up new design freedom. Compacting the electronics helps us create a minimalist design. This is how we were able to use LED quality of light for our popular spotlights, without making any aesthetic compromises.