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Sento sospeso touchless control

Intuitive gesture control

Sense and sensuality with Occhio

Our inspiration for perfect light is sunlight. Just as daylight differs depending on the place and time, the light experience with Occhio can be adapted too. For example, it can be conveniently and easily controlled directly on the luminaire. With the magic of an intuitive gesture, without actual touch. The feature »touchless control« turns control over customised lighting into an elegant gesture that combines sense with sensuality.

With a single hand movement: switching and dimming

With a simple gesture you can control all the features of the Mito, Mito linear, Gioia, Taglio, Sento and io luminaire series. A brief movement is all it takes to turn the light on or off. If you hold your hand next to the luminaire for longer, it dims up and down, adjusting perfectly to the different stages of daylight and to your personal requirements.

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Designing with gestures: controlling the light in your room

Gesture control allows you to switch quickly between uplighting and downlighting. To facilitate this, luminaires are equipped with a double-sided light output, each with separate LEDs that you can control independently and whose brightness you can continuously fade up or down. A single gesture is all that's needed to draw the light up or down.

As a result, you can change the ambience of a room whenever you like: downlighting allows you to directly illuminate selected areas, while dimmed uplighting creates an ambience reflective of your mood.

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Always the perfect ambience: changing the color temperature

The lighting that makes you most comfortable depends on your mood and the time of day. During the evening, you can relax with warm color temperatures of 2700 kelvins, while light at 4000 kelvins stimulates the mind. You decide which color temperature you want, and when.

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Positioning luminaires as if by magic

As well as the light, the luminaire itself can also be adjusted using gesture control. With »magic move«, you may use both hands simultaneously to swipe the upper and lower sensor of the Mito cosmo or Mito sospeso move. Then all that's needed is one more gesture to position the luminaires at the desired height. Here too, we apply the principle of intuitive control: if the luminaire needs to be raised, move your hand towards the lower part, and vice versa. In this way, you can push and pull your Mito upwards and downwards without actually touching it.

Intuitive elegance: how »touchless control« works

You communicate with your luminaire via infrared sensors that are integrated into the luminaire itself. These sensors emit infrared waves that bounce back off your hand. It is sophisticated technology that creates a magical light experience.