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Taglio Tischleuchte Schreibtisch Homeoffice

Luminaires in motion

The freedom of light

Light can be directed around the room in all kinds of ways with Occhio. An incomparably convenient height adjustment feature, for example, is optionally available for suspended luminaires from Occhio. The Gioia and Taglio series let you enjoy almost limitless freedom of movement with their groundbreaking »infinite move« feature. Table and floor luminaires in the Sento, io and lei series also impress with exceptional mobility: their luminaire heads can rotate, while the bodies can rotate and swivel.

Variable height – when luminaires float in space

Suspended luminaires from Occhio provide an unparalleled level of convenience with the optional feature of continuous height adjustment, which enables models such as the Mito sospeso, Mito volo or Sento sospeso to float at any height you want. The light playfully adapts to every situation.

Manual height adjustment

Perfect technological innovation is also our aim when it comes to the quality of our height adjustment: the height of our luminaires can be continuously adjusted, keeping the luminaires balanced throughout the process. A sophisticated reel mechanism ensures that the cables disappear out of sight into the canopy, and the luminaires always float parallel to the ground at the desired height of between 50 and 200 centimetres from the ceiling.

Electric height adjustment

We've succeeded in creating a masterpiece of lighting art with Mito cosmo and Mito sospeso move: their height is electrically adjustable thanks to the »magic move« feature. All it takes is a gesture or a tap on the Occhio air app or controller to move the light to a new level. The position changes just like magic.

Always in motion – »infinite move« for precise brightness

With the Gioia and Taglio luminaire series, there is an infinite number of options for customising the orientation of the light: thanks to the »infinite move« feature, table and reading luminaires reach a new level of mobility, changing their sculpture-like appearance with every movement.

Gioia – Italian for 'joy'

The name of our luminaire series is symbolic: it underlines the joy of designing your own light. Both the body and head of our Gioia luminaires are rotatable 360° without a stop, to let you direct the light anywhere you want in the room. For us, precision light means brightness wherever you want it. Ever-changing lighting accents transform the ambience and your rooms and give the fascinating feeling of movement in weightlessness.

Taglio – a dynamic sculpture of light

Taglio is like a sculpture whose shape is just as dynamic as its light. The head of the Taglio tavolo table luminaire is rotatable 360° without a stop and its height can be flexibly adjusted thanks to the luminaire's mobile body. While the shape of the luminaire and your ideas may evolve, the light keeps a steady focus on the essentials.

Mobile luminaires – enabling light to move through the room

The Occhio table and floor luminaires such as the models in the Sento, io and lei series astonish with their high degree of mobility: their luminaire heads can rotate, while their bodies can rotate and swivel. This allows the light to be orientated wherever you want it and always perfectly adjusted to your needs.

Let there be light – exactly where you want it

The impressive mobility of the Sento, io and lei series allows the light to be orientated wherever you want it and always perfectly adjusted to your needs. The cone of light from a floor luminaire can perfectly frame your reading chair. And the light from a table luminaire can move dynamically across your desk.

io giro Occhio Decken Spotlight

Mobile spotlights for maximum flexibility

Swivelling spotlights that rotate up to 360° offer you maximum flexibility, enabling you to illuminate the art on the wall as well as entire walls to create pleasant background lighting.