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Fels in der Brandung

Fels in der Brandung

When light and concrete create a sense of security

In 2013, a flood in the German city of Passau destroyed the residents' former home. Directly on the banks of the river Inn, the new building is braced against the raging waters below.

In 'Fels in der Brandung' (literally meaning 'pillar of strength'), atmospheric lighting scenes from Occhio provide warmth and cosiness: inside, they illuminate the concrete walls as if they were works of art, while also instilling a calming effect. Together with the architecture, the light evokes a feeling of protection and security.
Deckenstrahler schwarz matt modern Betonhaus

Puristic accents using light

The black walls inside the house are set off by Più alto spotlights in a matt-black surface. Their light illuminates the exposed concrete with a warm glow and creates a cosy feel. At the same time, the rotatable and swivelling spotlights offer the necessary flexibility to adapt to any changes made in the interior.

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Deckenstrahler schwarz matt hochwertig

Light as a curator

The striking interplay of light from the puristic surface-mounted spotlights makes any art on the walls superfluous. Indeed, the light plays an almost curatorial role: it showcases the concrete, playfully highlighting its material qualities. With their distinctive lens optics, Più alto spotlights showcase the black walls. They cast gentle cones of light onto the exposed concrete and, in tandem with the architecture, create a habitable work of art.

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'The exposed concrete itself becomes a work of art through light.'
Stephan Gottinger – owner
Pendelleuchte linear schwarz matt Küche

Atmospheric lighting for the dining table

Perfect light for great conversation: Mito volo suspended luminaire styles itself on cubic architecture and can elegantly be retracted. Thanks to the height adjustment feature integrated in the canopy, it can float at any height and always remains level. Gestures can be used to playfully control the uplight and downlight components and change the lighting ambience.

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Stehleuchte gold Wohnzimmer

Calming light

Despite the raw materials, cubic shapes and puristic interior, the concrete house retains a cosy, calm atmosphere. This is down to the light cones of Più alto spotlights and the light zones of Mito largo and Mito raggio arc luminaires, the color temperature of which can be adjusted at any time using simple gestures. In the lounge corner, set against the backdrop of mother nature and the cool exposed concrete, the soft light of Mito raggio cocoons the armchair and provides a safe haven to retreat.

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Pendelleuchte linear schwarz matt Küche
Stehleuchte gold Wohnzimmer
Fels in der Brandung
Deckenstrahler schwarz matt hochwertig Küche
Bogenleuchte hochwertig
Stehleuchte bronze hochwertig
Fels in der Brandung innen

Interview with the owners Stephan Gottinger and Martin Hermann

24 years ago, Stephan Gottinger and Martin Hermann bought their first house together on the banks of the river Inn and made it their own. Following the disastrous floods in 2013, rather than give up their home, they opted for a robust new building made of black exposed concrete.
Stephan Gottinger und Martin Hermann

The exposed concrete building defies the floods. Have you ever regretted choosing black exposed concrete?

Stephan Gottinger: At first, we were worried that it might look too dark and oppressive. The concrete even looked like tar when we first poured it. But as the walls gradually took shape, everything came together.

Martin Hermann: Once we had an idea of how high the ceilings would be, all our doubts disappeared. Although the walls are black, the rooms have a refreshing feel.

How does the light influence this effect?

Martin Hermann: The dark concrete actually has a warm colour, which the lighting really brings out. It makes the raw material shine and creates a cosy ambience. The warm interior light also reinforces this sense of being protected.

What role does lighting play in your life in your new house?

Stephan Gottinger: It's really important, especially in the evening and at night. We can easily angle the spotlights and adjust the light settings to suit the mood.

Martin Hermann: We don't just turn the lights on and off in our house, we create different lighting scenes. Whether we're relaxing on the sofa or cooking for friends, we are very conscious of how we use light.

Fels in der Brandung

Year of completion: 2017
Architecture: koeberl doeringer architekten
Luminaires: Mito largo, Mito raggio, Mito volo, Più alto
Photos: Robert Sprang
Lighting design: koeberl doeringer architekten

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