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Sento verticale Wandleuchte modern

A place of encounter

Lighting of hallways and entrances

Halls and entrances are transitional areas with a narrative function: from a purely functional perspective, they are merely places of connection, however they say a lot about their inhabitants – be it through the art on the walls, framed family photos or simply through their furnishing, paintwork and lighting design. Skilful lighting creates an ambience and highlights the homeowners' identity.
Luna parete Flur
Deckenstrahler lui alto Flur
Occhio Luna piena basso
Lebensräume Flur_lui pico
Wallwasher Mito alto side goldmatt

Perfectly shaped hallway lighting

When we think of hallways, we immediately think of long, narrow passageways. But atrium-like entrances are also a feature of modern living spaces.

Whatever form it takes, the lighting of your hallway should reflect the proportions of the architecture and the luminaires should be arranged accordingly.

With their minimalist form, the luminaires in the Mito linear series match any architecture and softly illuminate staircases and passageways.

Pendelleuchte Flur hohe Decken

A true highlight – suspended luminaires

Accentuate the spaciousness of high, double-storey atria with suspended luminaires that use both direct and indirect light.

Seemingly floating, Mito sospeso opens up this entrance here in combination with the illuminated ceiling and gives the space a sublime appearance.

Spotlight lui piano edge

Concealed lighting of long hallways

Long hallways make even more of a statement when you make a feature of their length. Create specific highlights at the end of the hallway's visual axes, for example by illuminating a picture or sculpture. This accentuates the distance between the start and the end of the room.

If you want to draw attention away from the room's length, spotlight areas of the walls with direct light. This breaks up the hallway and makes it appear shorter. Combined with pictures, a hallway can become a private gallery.

Recessed spotlights like lui piano remain discreet but provide focused lighting. Surface-mounted spotlights can be used just as effectively if there is no room in the ceiling.

Deckenbeleuchtung Flur smart

A more playful lighting design – for example with Mito soffitto in different sizes – also distracts from the length of the hallway. The eye is instead drawn to the clever lighting installation.

Deckenstrahler chrom modern

Spotlight on: creating accents with spotlights

The spotlights in the Più series, with a choice of optics and high lumen package, are ideal for illuminating hallways.

The interplay of light and shadow, so characteristic of Occhio luminaires, means they cast special materials in the perfect light. Their mobility offers endless flexibility.

Treppe Wand Beleuchtung

Form meets function – staircase lighting

Staircases are increasingly becoming a designer object in living spaces. Coordinated lighting means that staircases can even become an architectural feature in a home.

The art here, however, lies in skilfully integrating both the aesthetic aspect and its function: steps should be clearly visible and the luminaires should not be obtrusive, but rather blend subtly into the surroundings.

Mito soffitto can be used as either a ceiling or wall luminaire, providing completely glare-free light even in narrow staircases.