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Luna sospeso cloud 3 L - Pendant luminaire

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Luna sospeso cloud 3 L

Magical simplicity

Give your surroundings a touch of ethereality and magical light – the floating elegance of the three-luminaire linear Luna cloud conjures up a mystical ambience in every room.
Luna sospeso touchless control
Occhio Luna Leuchte Design Glas
Control light with magical simplicity: using easy, intuitive gestures or via smartphone or Occhio air controller, you can switch the Luna cloud on and off, adjust the brightness as required and change the color temperature as you see fit, all with playful ease.

Your Luna. Your style.

Our high-quality finishes give you ultimate freedom of design when it comes to your living spaces.

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Luna sospeso cloud 3 L

Magical features

Light, design, and technology blend in an unprecedented experience. With the unique features of Luna, you can easily and intuitively control the light, becoming the light designer of your living spaces.
The Occhio fireball floats like a celestial body in the glass sphere. The revolutionary light source creates soft but focused light – which is simultaneously powerful and glare-free.
With »color tune«, the light color of Luna can be adjusted at any time.
Luna unfolds its playful power in a group: its different sizes allow for creative arrangements.

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Occhio Lichtqualität

Better quality of life with light from Occhio

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

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