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Lüneburger Heide

Lüneburg Heath country estate

History in a modern light

The park-like estate, with its old trees and pond, is the perfect definition of an idyll. In the centre of the estate stands a manor house from the early 20th century which has been extended with a modern glass annexe as well as a bathhouse and guest house. Lighting combines the older part of the building with the newer parts and the main building with the outbuildings.
A single light axis connects the old buildings with the new. Occhio luminaires are the connecting element in the interior architecture. They accentuate the particular features of this historic building, creating small reading nooks and sensitively illuminating the scenery.
Leseleuchte_Sento letturra_SchwarzMatt

A single connecting light axis

The stately home on Lüneburg Heath was lovingly renovated over a period of more than two years and a modern glass cube was added in the process. The steel doors with their loft-like character mark the transition from the old building to the new. As do the luminaires: in the spacious yet cosy fireside lounge, the Sento lettura reading luminaire in matt black matches the wall luminaires and the Più alto spotlights in the new part of the building. From the reading armchair, the luminaire can be controlled with intuitive gestures to create a personal place of retreat in this spacious room.

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Deckenstrahler_Pia alto_SchwarzMatt

The perfect lighting for every corner

Everywhere around the house, there are small reading nooks creating calm oases of retreat in which to read the many books from the large library on the top floor or the bookcase in the fireside lounge. When they moved in, the owners brought with them an impressive collection of books. Alongside space for these books, the house also needs plenty of places for reading. In the large library on the top floor, the light cones from the Più alto spotlights provide the perfect lighting to read by. The surface-mounted spotlights, which can be rotated and swivelled, offer unlimited possibilities in terms of how they are used, creating the perfect lighting for every situation.

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'The lights are an important connecting element between the old and the new.'
Andrea Krausmann, HONEYandSPICE
Strahler_Sento verticale_SchwarzMatt

Perfect relaxation with perfect lighting

A separate bathhouse, the ideal spot for taking a little time for yourself. On the white wall opposite the glass front, the Sento verticale wall luminaires create a poetic image. Each hour of the day redesigns this image, creating over and over again a unique piece of art, a design statement that draws all eyes to it. In the bathroom, the arc of light from Più alto spotlight falls on the light marble grouting and gives this place of retreat a truly unique character.

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Stories Lüneburger Heide_Gioia lettura

A green view

Relaxation in green surroundings: the new glass building brings the surrounding landscape into the home, offering further stunning locations for one of the many reading nooks. Gioia lettura creates various lighting scenes with »color tune« and »up/down fading«. The stylish floor luminaire not only provides light, but also plays with it. It can be adjusted to the early hours of the morning and as dusk falls, creating the perfect lighting accents.

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Country house on Lüneburg Heath

Year of completion: Old building 1911 | Annexe 2019
Architecture: Architekturbüro Hütz
Interior architecture: HONEYandSPICE
Luminaires: Mito largo, Mito raggio, Gioia lettura, Sento sospeso, Sento verticale, Più alto
Photos: Robert Rieger
Lighting design: HONEYandSPICE
Art: via Tantus Photo Galerie, Franz Hubmann / brandstaetter images /

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