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Tohru in der Schreiberei

When the table becomes a stage

Tohru Nakamura and Marc Uebelherr were deliberately looking for something that didn't yet exist. They struck gold with Munich's oldest town house, the 'Schreiberei', at Burgstrasse 5 – the perfect location to realise their extraordinary culinary and design concept.

Feel-good atmosphere

With the underlying desire to make the ambience as homely as possible, a small area was created for each table setting, with light that covers the table like a bell. The perfectly illuminated table becomes the stage for the meal, which is artfully showcased by the suspended luminaire Sento sospeso. It can trace the curve of the table precisely and make the food appear even more vivid thanks to its flexible glass inserts.

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Chrome eye-catcher

All luminaires were chosen to match the room's main color with the goal of harmonising the colors in the best way possible: in sticking closely with the overall concept, rose gold was used for the suspended luminaires in the central room, with bronze for the adjoining room. Sento sospeso suspended luminaires create a distinctive ambience that lends the restaurant a unique and elegant style.

'Having the same visionary mindset and the courage to experiment served as the common ground. Discovering the quality of the experience – whether it involves good food, good design or good lighting – was the shared mission.'
Marc Uebelherr, owner of Tohru

Minimalist design with maximum impact

Restraint was the order of the day: historic preservation was kept in mind at all times, leading to the decision to install individual outlets that were carefully measured with a laser. The swivelling Più alto spotlights that highlight individual objects in the dining area were excellently suited for this task. The surface-mounted spotlights don't steal the show from the extraordinary hallway – instead, they enhance it and blend in with the interior and the architectural design of the Schreiberei.

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Spiegelleuchte Mito sfera Tohru in der Schreiberei

Mysterious character

The wall-mounted mirror luminaire Mito sfera provides the perfect reflection for reapplying your lipstick or powdering your nose. It radiates light in the bathrooms a bit like a keyhole to well-kept secrets. You can use gesture control to dim the light or change its color temperature to find an individual setting for every occasion.

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Tohru in der Schreiberei

Year of completion: 2020
Interior architecture: hildmannwilke
Luminaires: Sento sospeso, Più alto, Mito sfera
Photos: Robert Sprang
Lighting design: Occhio

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