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Luna sospeso bedroom

Perfect lighting in the bedroom

A gentle start and end to the day

Light accompanies us gently into the day and carefully into the night. In the bedroom, we crave atmospheric lighting as much as we do darkness. Mood lighting is created by the skilful interaction of light and dark, adjusting intuitively to your mood with a gesture.
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Luna sospeso Pendelleuchte
Sento letto bedroom
Sento sospeso bedroom
Sento sospeso bedroom

Soft lighting for bedrooms

In bedrooms, we need gentle, calm lighting for pleasant illumination.

It is where we experience the body's unconscious transition every day to active alertness and a regenerative sleep phase. Luminaires with changeable color temperatures subtly support our circadian rhythms with invigorating, cool light in the morning and calming, warm tones in the evening. The dimmability allows us to choose the perfect luminous intensity.

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The ideal bedside light

The bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom. Swathed in soft blankets, we can bring the day to a close, here with a good book.

To protect our eyes, a directed, glare-free reading luminaire next to the bed is an absolute must-have in any bedroom lighting. Ideally, the light can be adjusted intuitively with a simple gesture.

Whether as a wall luminaire or bedside lamp, the reading luminaire should be installed at the reader's eye level. It not only provides light to read by, but also plays an effective part in the interaction of light and dark in the bedroom.

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Flattering light in the dressing room

In a dressing room, we want to look beautiful and perfect. The light needs to withstand our critical gaze, just as much as our reflection or our wardrobe.

Balanced lighting shows us our surroundings in their fullest glory. Occhio »perfect color« LEDs with maximum quality of light ensure the best possible rendering of color: tones, materials and textiles, as well as our complexion, have as much nuance and depth as they do in nature.

Bring the rays of the rising sun into your home

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