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Mito volo

Mito volo

Technical Details


  • matt white
  • matt black
  • matt silver
  • matt gold
  • rose gold
  • bronze
  • phantom
  • black phantom
  • head L 1030 mm x H 52 mm
  • head L 1360 mm x H 52 mm
  • suspension length max. 3500 mm (fixed), 650 – 1650 mm (variable)
Energy Efficiency (EEC)
Power / Lumious flux
45W, 60W / 2900lm, 3900lm
Light color

2700 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 K

»color tune« 2700–4000K (CRI 95)


surface mount (up)

Luminaire / spotlight with integrated power supply unit for surface mounting on solid ceiling / wall

semi-recessed (flat)

Luminaire / spotlight with flat base for hollow ceiling / wall with cavity box and external power supply unit

track compatible

Luminaire / spotlight with integrated power suply unit for tracks

seamless recessed (pure)

Luminaire with mounting board to be mounted flush with ceiling


touchless control
up / down fading
color tune
height adjustment
Occhio air (optional)
air sync
high color (CRI 95)
x-tra warm (optional)

Safety Icons


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Services for pros

This luminaire is suitable for professional use in projects. Discover our additional services that we offer exclusively for pros.

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