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Taglio tavolo fix - Sideboard luminaire

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Taglio tavolo fix

Taglio tavolo fix

Purposeful design

Precise work requires a clear design language. Taglio tavolo fix provides a radically linear design that is dynamic and inspiring at the same time. A table luminaire with a minimalist form and maximum ease of use. So that when you think up tomorrow's ideas, you see them in the best light.
Tischleuchte Taglio tavolo fix black phantom
Tischleuchte Taglio tavolo fix phantom
Tischleuchte Taglio tavolo fix black phantom
Rotate it flexibly – if you like: Taglio tavolo fix brings out new sparkle in your home office, workspace or library. Combining gesture control, »color tune« and dimmable light, it is a true masterpiece. Available in a range of finishes that blend seamlessly into your interior design.

Magical features

Technology, light and design combine to create an unprecedented experience. Our unique features allow you to control the light and become the lighting designer of your own living spaces.

Occhio Lichtqualität

Better quality of life with light from Occhio

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

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