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Occhio Tischleuchte Gioia tavolo

Gioia tavolo

Luxury home office

Truly versatile, Gioia tavolo is ideal for use in your workspace, home office or on smaller tables. The luminaire head and body are 360° rotatable, with the typical Occhio features plus an add-on: »focus light« – for focused working.
Tischleuchte Gioia tavolo black phantom
Tischleuchte Gioia tavolo black phantom
Occhio Tischleuchte Gioia Design modern
Light that responds to your hand movements. That you can direct upwards or downwards to create the perfect ambience. Whose colour temperature you can change at any time to increase concentration or relaxation. That you can effortlessly move wherever it’s needed – with a beam as wide or as focused as you like.

Gioia means joy – joy in the magic of perfect light.
IF Gold award gioia equilibrio Occhio

Rewarded design: Gioia wins gold at the iF Design Award. The jury was thrilled and awarded Gioia as 'Gold Winner' in the category 'Lighting'. A very special result, because the 75 most outstanding were selected from over 11,000 entries.

Magical features

Technology, light and design combined to create an unprecedented experience: the Occhio »joy of use«. Our unique features allow you to control the light and become the lighting designer of your own living spaces.

Occhio Lichtqualität

Better quality of life with light from Occhio

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

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