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Io lettura

io lettura

Modern lighting design

Elegant and distinctive. Whether you're reading, working or relaxing, our io lettura LED floor luminaire offers the perfect light and optimal color rendering for every situation. With a sleek design that is proud and majestic. Make a striking statement in your living space with io lettura. The reading luminaire forms a head-turning contrast to opulent interior designs and luxurious materials.
io lettura Leseleuchte modern
Stehleuchte modern gold matt
Stehleuchte Wohnzimmer modern gold matt
Available in a range of different finishes that let you express your taste. All you need now is the right color temperature. Do you like variety? Thanks to an ingenious magnetic fastening, the lens can be removed with a simple twist and customized with up to two optical inserts. You can intuitively control and dim the atmospheric lighting at the luminaire head via »touchless control«.

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