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Villa Bao

A second home

In times when we no longer have to live where we work, Mallorca is more than a destination for just a few weeks a year. It also means: the personal place of longing becomes the new home. Villa Bao, southwest of Palma, is such a "second home" - with a lighting concept that is tailored to individual needs and can be adapted at any time.
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Home is sea

The wide view of the sky and the sea. In the distance, the lights of the bay showing life on the island when the sun has long since set: the Sento sospeso pendant luminaires, adjustable in height and lighting effect, define the feeling of space above the dining area in the kitchen thanks to their high standards of design and lighting quality beyond the limits of time.

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Individual atmosphere

In the lounge area of Villa Bao, the long summer nights on Mallorca can be extended at will. Mito largo creates an atmospheric light whose mood is reminiscent of gathering around a campfire. The powerful light of the arc luminaire can be easily changed depending on the mood: directed into the room or downwards, from stimulatingly cool to relaxingly warm. A gesture is all it takes.

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The window to the island

The view drifts into the distance, the thoughts are concentrated. At the workplace, Sento tavolo creates a harmonious connection between home and office. At the end of the day, the light can be dimmed via gesture control.

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A dream setting

The vertical elements in the architecture are reminiscent of a baobab tree, firmly rooted in the island's earth and everlasting. Stone tones harmonise with the surrounding green shades repeated in the interior design. Natural materials and textures such as stone and walnut wood allow the interior and exterior to merge.

Villa Bao, Mallorca

Year of completion: 2021
Architecture: Concepto Proyectos de Arquitectura e Interiorismo, David Dominguez Rued
Luminaires: Mito largo, Mito raggio, Sento sospeso, Sento tavolo, Sento lettura
Lighting design: Occhio
Photo credits: Robert Sprang

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