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Restaurant Malo

Malo restaurant

A voyage to the South Pacific

A branch establishment with South Pacific charm has opened in a prime location in downtown Stuttgart. The new trendy restaurant Malo invites its guests to embark on a jungle adventure – into a lush world of plants that mixes and mingles with quality design and is accentuated by Occhio's balanced lighting concept.

Interior Beleuchtung Restaurant Malo
Wandleuchte schwarz matt Restaurant
Pendelleuchte schwarz matt Restaurant Malo
'In accepting this project as a big, empty hall, our mandate was to make it cosy and create havens of comfort. The aim was for customers never to feel lost in it, but rather to have a sense of home and safety – the lighting solutions from Occhio for each of these areas played a key role in achieving this.'
Marc Mir, owner of the architectural company Lee + Mir
Interior Restaurant Malo

Versatile and variable

Occhio's mission was to maximise the creativity of the jungle landscape through lighting. The numerous Occhio lui pico spotlights were adjusted based on the position of the tables in order to highlight each seating group and divide up the room into zones. The dimmable and rotatable ceiling spotlight lui pico can be adjusted with precision in response to any change in table position.

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Wandleuchte schwarz matt Restaurant

Vertical play of light

Occhio illuminates the walls with io verticale spotlights to create imaginary niches that lend the room an added level of comfort. Uplighting and downlighting give the vertical surfaces not covered in plants a subtle rhythm. Elegance is paired with innovative lighting technology to lend the restaurant a unique quality.

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Beleuchtung Restaurant Malo

Islands of comfort

It gets even cosier in the lounge area: the playfully designed Mito sospeso luminaires, which simultaneously illuminate the tables and the high-quality photo-printed glass panels displayed above them, add tremendously to the laissez-faire ambience. The iconic suspended luminaires are impressively eye catching and can be adjusted to perfectly match the mood in the room.

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Hidden highlights

The lighting concept has been thought through to the very last detail. Even those corners not meant for the public eye enjoy the luminous glow and exclusive quality of Occhio luminaires. Mito sfera with integrated mirrors are displayed over the sinks in the bathroom. The mirror luminaires can be individually positioned anywhere you want on the mirror, which makes them very flexible to use. Even in enclosed spaces, the quality of light gets extremely close to daylight and fills the room with a pleasant color temperature.

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Malo restaurant

Year of completion: 2021
Interior architecture: Lee + Mir Architekten
Luminaires: lui pico, Mito sospeso, io verticale, Mito raggio, Mito sfera
Photos: Robert Sprang
Lighting design: Occhio

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