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Deckenstrahler phantom modern

Più R piano in pure

Seamless design

The design of Più R piano in pure impresses with its clear, minimalist use of form that marries perfectly with objects and artistic surfaces in the room. The seamless, swivelling and dimmable LED deep-recessed spotlight Più R piano in pure blends visually with the ceiling. The max. 26 watt »perfect color« LED ensures optimal colour rendering.
Deckenstrahler phantom modern
Deckenstrahler schwarz modern
The flat, cone glass creates a dynamic look and holds the optical inserts. Inside the spotlight is the characteristic Occhio lens, which ensures brilliant, glare-free light. No remote power supply unit - the state-of-the-art 230V VOLT light engine offers direct plug & play.

Luminaire features

Occhio Lichtqualität

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