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Deckenstrahler phantom modern

Più R alto 3d doppio

Ultra-modern appearance

Flattened shape, all-round flexibility. The clear, minimalist design language that Più R alto 3d doppio shows off to the room immediately catches the eye. The flat, cone glass creates a dynamic look. Eight different finish designs enable you to choose the one that marries most beautifully with your ceiling design. Ideal for spotlighting vertical surfaces in corridors or hallways.
Più R alto 3d doppio in schwarz matt
Più alto 3d doppio in schwarz matt
Più R alto 3d doppio in schwarz matt
Variable lighting effect: the design of the lens and the inserts can be selected so that they correspond precisely to the lighting you want. The optional color filters help you enjoy your lighting to the full. Connection to the mains supply is via the revolutionary 230-volt VOLT light engine, without any need for a remote power supply unit.

Luminaire features

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