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Mito sospeso move - Pendant luminaire 40 cm / 60 cm

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Mito sospeso move

Mito sospeso move

Mastering light

It's almost as if Mito sospeso move can read your mind: the electric height adjustment »magic move« is controlled with a simple gesture. Occhio air can be used to predefine scenes for specific situations. Whatever the occasion, its light meets your every need.
Mito sospeso move takes our award-winning masterpiece Mito to the next level. All it takes is a gesture or a tap on the Occhio air app or controller to move the luminaire to the desired level. Change the suspension length intuitively and continuously between 50 cm and 200 cm. Even the color temperature and light distribution can be adjusted to your needs.
Pendelleuchte Mito cosmo schwarz matt phantom
Mito sospeso rose gold Casa de la Luz
Occhio Lichtwirkung anpassen

Magical features

Technology, light and design combine to create an unprecedented experience. Our unique features allow you to control the light and become the lighting designer of your own living spaces.

Occhio Lichtqualität

Better quality of life with light from Occhio

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

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