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Mito soffitto wall

Mito soffitto wall

Creating the perfect ambience

Mito soffitto wall turns walls into living beings of light. And this is thanks to the precise processing that is unparalleled. Its iconic rings nestle perfectly against the flat surface and create dynamic depth through an array of lighting effects. Whether installed individually or in a group, this luminaire creates a special lighting ambience that is simply unparalleled.
Treppe Wand Beleuchtung
Mito soffitto Deckenleuchte Wandleuchte modern
Deckenleuchte_Mito soffitto_schwarz matt
Using the narrow lighting effect, Mito soffitto illuminates the room perfectly with concentrated, glare-free light. The Mito soffitto wide effect produces a wide light cone that uniformly illuminates opposite walls. Mito optics are made from optical silicone in an elaborate casting process. A carefully designed corrugated structure minimises glare and creates a visually appealing light line.

The luminaire is available in three versions – with a diameter of 20 c, 40 cm or 60 cm.

Magical features

Technology, light and design combined to create an unprecedented experience: the Occhio ‘joy of use’. Our unique features allow you to control the light and become the lighting designer of your own living spaces.

Occhio Lichtqualität

Better quality of life with light from Occhio

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home and moments into magic.

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