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A night with Luna

Atmosphere creates experiences, experiences become unforgettable memories. The Luna series from Occhio creates such moments. The moon was the inspiration for the design of Luna. The Occhio fireball appears to float in the mirrored glass sphere and provides you with the perfect light for any atmosphere. Exactly to your taste.
Occhio Luna Leuchte Design Glas

Luna not only offers remarkable light, but also unparalleled flexibility in the design of your environment. Thanks to »touchless control«, Luna creates a profound, sensual experience.

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Occhio Luna Leuchte Design Glas

Luna combines the seamless integration of technology and design. It thus creates an aesthetic experience with innovative functions. In combination with Occhio air, Luna opens up unrivaled possibilities. Adjust the brightness, create light scenes or control several luminaires simultaneously using the Occhio air app or controller.

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Luna – Magical. Stylish. Playful.

Occhio Luna Leuchte Design Glas

Luna sospeso pendant luminaires come in three different sizes. The lights can be grouped individually or configured as a cloud solution with either three or five fixtures for round as well as elongated tables.

With Luna sospeso, you create an inviting atmosphere in your space while making a stylish statement.

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Experience Luna up close – in your area

Discover the world novelty Luna now in our Occhio flagship stores and at selected specialist retail partners.
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