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The recipe for perfect kitchen lighting

A harmonious lighting concept

Cooking with friends or a romantic dinner for two? Every culinary situation calls for a subtly tuned lighting concept. The right light when preparing food is just as important as an informal ambience in an open-plan kitchen-diner.

Illuminate work surfaces optimally

Good lighting of kitchen islands and work surfaces provides bright, glare-free light for cooking, and blends harmoniously into the overall concept.

The perfect quality of light can illuminate nature's vibrant colour palette on your plate.

Dining table lighting

Whether eating, working, entertaining or simply relaxing together – the dining table is one of the most diverse place in the home. Perfect lighting, first and foremost, is adaptable.

Using »touchless control« directly at the luminaire head, the height of the Occhio suspended luminaires can be adjusted with ease to suit any situation.

An interplay of light and dark

Clever kitchen lighting is based on the harmonious interplay of light and dark. The colors and materials used in a kitchen, and of course the lighting design, are crucial to the brightness of the room.

Work surfaces need to be lit directly, while the light reflected indirectly off tables, walls and ceilings creates a pleasing ambience.