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Gioia equilibrio Lena Terlutter

Lena Terlutter & Gioia

A stylish statement in elegant white

If anyone knows about fashion, design and trends, it's Lena Terlutter. She is known for her distinctive style and her preference for white. In her everyday life, Lena manages a fashion boutique, her Instagram account with almost one million followers – and a family of 6. Functionality therefore plays a big role for her. With Gioia equilibrio, she has found a light source that not only makes the room shine with its sculptural appearance, but is also flexible and functional.
»Gioia means joy and the function and design of this luminaire bring that joy into our home. It is an sleek, chic, sculptural masterpiece that adds beauty and a visual highlight to our room, but also gives us the best qualities of good light.«
Lena Terlutter
Gioia equilibrio Lena Terlutter

Always in motion

With its stop-free mobility, Gioia achieves what hardly any other desk luminaire does: unrestricted, infinite mobility. Just as you want and need it. Made possible by the two tapered arms that can move independently and freely – like a sculpture. But not only the arms, also the head of the luminaire can be turned 360 degrees and thus makes maximum flexibility possible.

Gioia equilibrio Lena Terlutter

Design x Intuition

With our gesture based »touchless control«, the light of Gioia equilibrio can be switched, dimmed or adjusted upwards and downwards by a simple gesture on the head – touchless and intuitive.

Learn more about »touchless control«
Gioia equilibrio Lena Terlutter

Functional light meets design art

Gioia equilibrio convinces not only with its function and quality of light, but especially with its unique appearance. Like a sculpture, it illuminates the room – in any desired position, without ever losing its balance. A timeless eye-catcher for every desk – in form and color. Like all luminaires, Gioia equilibrio is also available in all Occhio surfaces.

Discover Gioia equilibrio
»Different shades, textures and shapes. If your interior is mainly white, you need to be creative and layer these elements to create depth and warmth.

Gioia is a perfect functional accent, which is why we chose it in matt white.«
Lena Terlutter