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Gioia equilibrio Hanna Schönwald

Hanna Schönwald & Gioia

The way art is brought to life with light

Clear lines, striking colors, strong impact. Industrial designer Hanna Schönwald has been interested in art and design from an early age. The Hamburg-based designer loves challenges and is not afraid of the impossible.This is also reflected in her work: minimalist design meets clear lines and the urge to look at things from a new perspective. Light plays a decisive role for her. With Gioia equilibrio, she not only sets the scene for her desk, but also brings her art to life.

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»For me, light is more than just brightness or warmth. Light creates a special mood, creates feelings. And these feelings influence what is most important for my work: my creativity.«
Hanna Schönwald
Gioia equilibrio Hanna Schönwald

Think big

From portraits to record covers to corporate designs and illustrations – drawing is not only a passion for Hanna, it is her way of expressing herself. Gioia equilibrio allows her maximum freedom in her work. Thanks to its stop-less mobility, the luminaire follows every hand movement effortlessly. Adapts easily to any position. For new perspectives whenever they are needed. And light wherever it is needed.

Gioia equilibrio Hanna Schönwald

»We are only able to see because of light«

Light makes perception clearer and more distinct. What is seen becomes tangible, perceptible. Gioia takes the ability to concentrate to a new level: With the »focus light« function, the light at the head of Gioia can be intensified. The light is directed at specific points. This allows you to work with more focus and precision.

Gioia equilibrio Hanna Schönwald

Mirror of the times

Aesthetics and technology are elementary parts of Occhio's identity. Screws and cables are invisible to the eye. Seamless transitions turn the luminaire into a sculptural appearance. Hanna's favourite: the phantom surface, which allows a play of colors between dark brown and dark grey and gives the head a mythical glow.

»For me, design is more than form and function, it is also a portrait of the zeitgeist.
Gioia combines both.«
Hanna Schönwald