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When ideas become masterpieces

Careful craftsmanship, seamless functionality and timeless aesthetics fuel the dedication of the design studio BUDDE. Light is essential to the creation of their versatile furniture and home accessories. According to founder Johannes Budde, good light should create harmonious and balanced lighting that emphasises the natural light in a room and invites you to feel good. With Taglio tavolo, the two designers have a light source by their side that always accompanies them with the perfect lighting, from the first ideas to the final product – and puts them in the mood they need for their creative process.

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»Light has a lot to do with the way I feel and the way I perceive a certain place or object.«
Johannes Budde, Designer
Budde x Taglio

Let your creativity run free

The creative minds Johannes Budde and Meike Papenfuß prefer bright rooms and colder light to experience and evaluate colors, materials and shapes in a better way. It helps them to work awake, full of energy and focused.

When designing new furniture, they prefer warm, dimmed light to enter a relaxed state of mind and enhance free flow of thoughts.

"We use lighting very consciously to direct perception and mood and boost productivity", says Meike Papenfuß, Business & Marketing BUDDE.


You decide

Depending on one's mood and needs, the color temperature can be adjusted with a simple gesture using »color tune«: warm light for creative ideas or cold light for clearly focused work. Taglio manages to channel perceptions and stimulate productivity.

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Make it happen

Taglio impresses with its linear design and allows your workplace to glow in a new light. Function, usability and shape are united in our luminaire, which inspires innovative ideas. With »infinite move«, you can rotate the head of the luminaire 360° around itself and adjust the height by moving the body. Therefore, the luminaire can be perfectly integrated into a diverse variety of workspaces.

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»All in all, it is essential for us that light is functional as well as aesthetically appealing and creating a cosy atmosphere in the room. Occhio has implemented this synergy perfectly with Taglio tavolo.«
Johannes Budde & Meike Papenfuß