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Occhio Halogen Leuchten LED umrüsten

clipLED – convert Occhio halogen luminaires to LED

Sustainability for your design classics

Products whose high quality ensures maximum longevity and whose design is still relevant after decades. That's Occhio.

With clipLED, you can continue to use your timeless Occhio mains-voltage halogen luminaires – with a long life time and low consumption, but without compromising on quality of light.

LED modules for Sento, Più and Puro

clipLED is a specially developed module that allows you to convert your Occhio halogen luminaires to LED. The modules are available for luminaires in the Sento, Più and Puro series.

Which dimmers are compatible with clipLED?

If you replace your halogen lighting with LED lighting, it is important to make sure that your dimmers and switch systems are compatible with clipLED lighting. In the following document we present a list of dimmers and switch systems that are compatible with our Occhio luminaires equipped with clipLED.

See overview of suitable dimmers

Your transition from halogen to LED

You can easily insert the clipLED modules into the existing luminaire head in your home via a simple and tool-free process. Connection to the conventional sockets B15D or G9 is straightforward.

Download the Sento mounting instructions

LED can convert energy into light much more efficiently than conventional light sources. For example, 10 watts of the power from the clipLED module for Puro is equivalent to 60 watts of halogen power.

Therefore, converting your luminaire to LED using clipLED will considerably reduce your energy consumption. Give your luminaires a low-energy future.

With a life time of up to 25,000 hours, LED lasts longer than any other light source. In addition, all components of the clipLED module are plugged in and screwed on – meaning that they can be replaced individually. Long-lasting and sustainable technology for your timeless luminaires.

Occhio Lichtqualität LED CRI

The best quality of light

Don't compromise: clipLED gives you maximum efficiency and optimal quality of light with CRI 95.

Using clipLED, your luminaires therefore ensure the best possible color rendering and allow you to perceive your surroundings as in daylight. Skin tones appear natural. Colors appear as nuanced and deep as in nature.

Deckenstrahler Più piano black phantom
Floor lamp Italian design
Occhio Wandleuchte Lichtwirkung
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