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Mito raggio lusso

Stage of light

The art of creating good light meets the passion for exceptional materials in our Edizione Lusso. Experience Mito raggio with intensified expressiveness as an unmatched tribute to light.
Edizione Lusso Mito raggio scuro Rendering

Inspired by nature - noble marble, finest ascot leather and fascinating finishes combine to make an expressive statement.

Choose from one of our curated style worlds or create your own personal luminaire, by combining your preferred materials. Enjoy your own personal luxury.
Stehleuchte Mito raggio lusso caldo Mamor
Stehleuchte Mito raggio lusso Leder
Stehleuchte Mito raggio lusso caldo Wohnzimmer
Edizione Lusso Mamor s

Each piece is unique: for the arc luminaires of the Edizione Lusso, marble is cut from select, large blocks of stone to give each and every luminaire foot its own veining pattern. Paired with Ascot leather and stylish luminaire surfaces, the colors of the marble make an expressive statement.

Occhio Leder Edizione Lusso Karbonboegen

The carbon arcs of the Mito floor luminaires feature a new cover of handcrafted Ascot leather. The exquisite material with the open-pore structure casts a magical spell by its natural feel. The meticulous stitching of the carbon arcs represents the height of artisan craftsmanship.

Edizione Lusso heads

Expressive and sensual – the metal vapurised or anodised surface finishes of the Mito rings, the result of a painstaking production process, make a lasting impression, the result of their unique color intensity and their finest, hand-brushed structure. They incorporate the latest interior trends and set striking accents.

Pure fascination
The surfaces of the Mito rings, produced in a complex process, set impressive accents.
Inspiring sensuality
Hand-finished Ascot leather gives the luminaire a natural feel. Special detail: the refined stitching.
Each piece is unique
The marble is taken from selected large blocks of stone. Each luminaire base thus obtained an individual grain.

Magical features

Technology, light and design merge into an unprecedented experience. With our unique features, you direct the light and become the lighting designer of your living spaces.

Occhio Lichtqualität

Better quality of life with light from Occhio

Light transforms the everyday into the extraordinary, a house into a home, and moments into magic.

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