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The innovative concept for your project

Occhio+ enables architects and planners to realize the full potential of Occhio in projects. With Occhio+ we deepen our product portfolio with solutions specifically designed for the lighting design of entire buildings – giving you even more possibilities to realize unique projects with Occhio.
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Occhio pro – simply more

Occhio pro versions offer maximum light intensity and the highest compatibility – while optimizing costs. Thanks to selectable connection technology, they can also be controlled via existing building technology and bus systems as required.

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Professionals_Occhio pure

Occhio pure – pure aesthetics

Occhio pure versions allow luminaires to merge with the building. Recessed panels for hollow ceilings make the luminaire disappear almost invisibly into the ceiling.

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Professionals_Occhio acoustic

Occhio acoustic – more light, less sound

Occhio acoustic panels for Mito and Mito linear, made of high-density polyester fleece, offer new possibilities for ceiling design in addition to effective acoustic damping – and additional reflective surface for maximum light performance.

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Außenschuss Gerch Group Headquarter Occhio air plus

Occhio air plus – innovative light control

Occhio air plus extends the Bluetooth-based control Occhio air with functions that are especially relevant for professional applications, such as motion detection, lighting automation and the control of larger networks, also remotely. At the same time, it opens up new possibilities in the connection to DALI systems.

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Product overview

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