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Light from another planet

Luna – an experience outside of this world: At first glance, sensual and mysterious. At second glance, a masterpiece of lighting technology – made possible by the magical Occhio fireball light source, which floats like a celestial body in the shining glass sphere.
MDW Luna series
MDW Luna variety
MDW Luna sospeso
Milano Design Week 2023 Luna sospeso

The light of Luna seems to come from another planet. As if the fine light source in the glass sphere establishes a connection to a distant universe and brings about another dimension with its magical glow. But this lighting masterpiece is not only a visual highlight, but also functionally extremely versatile.

Milano Design Week 2023 Luna sogno Luna basso

Like in a dream, the light source appears in the center of the mirrored glass sphere, which reflects the light softly back to the surface. It responds to intuitive gestures – and makes wishes come true.

Occhio Luna parete

Luminaires that transcend beyond its decorative purpose – Luna elevates the lighting experience to a whole new level of wonder and joy.

That certain something – Luna as an ensemble: As if from another world, the Luna Sphere creates a breathtaking lighting experience.


Luna transforms a room in a space of beauty and light – and opens a world of completely new possibilities.

Luna luminaires are available in the stylish surfaces dark chrome and phantom.

new horizons – an immersive experience

'new horizons' symbolizes the new, the unknown, the opening up of new realms that exceed our imagination, in order to then make them tangible for people, to transfer them into reality. On the grounds of Villa Necchi Campiglio, Occhio brought a whole new world of light from imagination to reality. From 18 to 23 April 2023, guests were able to experience a multi-sensory installation that appealed to all the senses.

In the spirit of a total work of art, 'new horizons' was a completely new, holistic experience of Occhio's new culture of light. At the same time the idea of 'new horizons' went far beyond this installation. It stood for the endless drive to innovate, to always strive for the new and never stand still.

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