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A galaxy full of possibilities

Spacious glow, downlight, ceiling luminaire, floating cloud, perfect table illumination – Mito cosmo move offers all this in one luminaire. It’s a jaw dropping experience when the Mito rings appear and finish their impressive choreography in different spatial arrangements – just by a tip of your finger or a magical gesture.
MDW Mito cosmo

Next level of lighting control – thanks to electrical height adjustment, Mito cosmo move has several functions in one. The resulting light scenes and arrangement options offer limitless freedom in the design of interiors – driven by the individual needs of the user.

Pendelleuchte Mito cosmo schwarz matt phantom

The electric height adjustment »magic move« changes the position of the luminaire as if by magic. Sensational comfort – and a spectacular show!

One luminaire – infinite variety

Recessed luminaire_Mito cosmo piano


Create a mysterious atmosphere with glowlight: the perfectly shaped Mito ring integrates seamlessly into the ceiling and creates a warm, indirect glow when the light is directed upwards.

Recessed luminaire_Mito cosmo piano clowd

Mito cosmo piano completes the cosmo universe. As a recessed luminaire, it offers both warm, mysterious glowlight and a powerful, glare-free downlight – or both. A new category!

Recessed luminaire_Mito cosmo piano_Close-up

The circular reflector of Mito cosmo piano is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and accomodates the elaborated Mito ring with its two light sources.

new horizons – an immersive experience

'new horizons' symbolizes the new, the unknown, the opening up of new realms that exceed our imagination, in order to then make them tangible for people, to transfer them into reality. On the grounds of Villa Necchi Campiglio, Occhio brought a whole new world of light from imagination to reality. From 18 to 23 April 2023, guests were able to experience a multi-sensory installation that appealed to all the senses.

In the spirit of a total work of art, 'new horizons' was a completely new, holistic experience of Occhio's new culture of light. At the same time the idea of 'new horizons' went far beyond this installation. It stood for the endless drive to innovate, to always strive for the new and never stand still.

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