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Hello world out there!

Your living space knows no boundaries and neither do we. The puristic and extravagant arc luminaire Mito largo outdoor transfers Occhio’s highest design aspiration and exceptional quality of light to the outside world – expanding space and time.
Klobudden_Mito largo outdoor

Our iconic arch luminaire Mito largo has been adapted for outdoor areas like terraces, lounges and dining tables. It not only underlines your sense of exceptional aesthetics, but can be precisely set up to suit your application situation. Mito largo outdoor literally opens new horizons!

Klobudden_Mito largo outdoor_Head

The head floats almost weightlessly on the sweeping body. With the help of variable light color and »up/down fading«, you direct the light and become the light designer of your living space. Fascinating new surfaces in maroon and dune allow the Mito largo outdoor to interact perfectly with natural surroundings.

Milano Design Week 2023 Sito palo dune

The Sito outdoor luminaire series has already transferred Occhio's unique design and extraordinary lighting quality to the exterior. Sito is now available in the new finishes dune and maroon. The finishes offer completely new possibilities for design on terraces and in gardens and pick up on the new trends in exterior.

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new horizons – an immersive experience

'new horizons' symbolizes the new, the unknown, the opening up of new realms that exceed our imagination, in order to then make them tangible for people, to transfer them into reality. On the grounds of Villa Necchi Campiglio, Occhio brought a whole new world of light from imagination to reality. From 18 to 23 April 2023, guests were able to experience a multi-sensory installation that appealed to all the senses.

In the spirit of a total work of art, 'new horizons' was a completely new, holistic experience of Occhio's new culture of light. At the same time the idea of 'new horizons' went far beyond this installation. It stood for the endless drive to innovate, to always strive for the new and never stand still.

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